Fight to Protect Land & Water Intensifies Around Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, ND – A day after a dozen or so arrests, tribal members and others continue blockading construction entrance sites on day three of the stepped up direct action, leading to more arrests.

Many people from across the region heard the call for reinforcements and have come to put their bodies on the line. Prayer circles were formed to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built underneath the Missouri River.

Four people were arrested Friday morning as the group decided not to move from the entrance of the construction site.

As Friday morning passed, heavy machinery continued carving out a path down to the Missouri River for the pipeline to lay and extend underneath the river. People around the site gathered in prayer.


After the Army Corps of Engineers gave the approval for the Dakota Access Pipeline to be built underneath the Missouri River, the Standing Rock Sioux filed a lawsuit against the Army Corps. Below, LaDonna Allard speaks on how the pipeline is illegal.

Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault & Councilman Dana Yellow Fat were arrested at the site of construction as seen in video below:

Unicorn Riot has been on the scene since Wednesday, August 10th, when Standing Rock tribal members and allies blocked the entrance to the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site. We also covered the action Thursday, August 11th, in which a dozen or so were arrested blocking the construction site entrances. We will continue to provide updates to this developing story.

For more information and context, we have followed this struggle since April 1st, 2016.

In April, a caravan of over 200 supporters, led by forty riders on horse, left Fort Yates for a thirty mile trek to the camp located just north of Cannonball.

For our coverage this spring of the Sacred Stone Camp, with many photos and videos, see May 27th report, “Dakota Access Pipeline Blockade Enters 2nd Month“; May 5th, “Sacred Stone Camp Resists Dakota Access Pipeline“; April 3rd, “Tribal Citizens Build Camp in Path of Oil Pipeline“; March 29th, “Tribal Citizens Prepare to Blockade Bakken Oil Pipeline“.

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