Records Release: Morton County’s Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Assistance Agreement

Morton County, ND – Various law enforcement agencies from North Dakota and several other states have sent officers and equipment to support operations led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department against #NoDAPL water protectors.

Earlier this month, Unicorn Riot spoke over the phone with Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser about his department’s MRAP armored vehicle which has been seen at most protests against DAPL since late September. Kaiser clarified that Stutsman County actually had lent their MRAP out and that it was being operated by SWAT officers from Bismarck. He also confirmed to us that a statewide mutual agreement was in place for sending law enforcement to support Morton County Sheriff, as well as an Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) request for out-of-state law enforcement.

Through a public records request to the Grand Forks Police Department, Unicorn Riot has acquired a copy of the “Mutual Aid Assitance [sic]” document that the Morton County Sheriff’s Department has been signing with the heads of other North Dakota law enforcement agencies.  In this document, the City of Grand Forks agrees, in the event that the “Requesting Agency” (Morton County Sheriff) “is experiencing large crowd protesting”, to

furnish, upon its discretion, those resources, services and personnel which it deems to be available to the Requesting Agency as necessary to provide crowd control assistance.

The document also outlines how Grand Forks police acting under this agreement will have the same authority as the Morton County Sheriff when operating in Morton County. The Morton County Sheriff agrees to reimburse Grand Forks “by invoice payable within 30 days.”



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Local residents in many communities around the Midwest have expressed shock and anger that their law enforcement personnel have been diverted to suppress the water protection campaign in North Dakota.

On October 25th, Madison Wisconsin’s Badger Herald reported that the ten Dane County deputies previously dispatched had been recalled due to local opposition.

Another deputy sent from Wisconsin, Ryan D. Fowler of St Croix County Sheriff’s Office (one of four sent from there), was arrested on October 12th under suspicion of being in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol at a Bismarck area hotel parking lot, according to Forum News Service.

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