RNC Day 1 – Hundreds March Against Trump & Poverty

Cleveland, OH – Day one of the Republican National Convention in downtown Cleveland was filled with thousands more police than protesters. Two separate protests amassed in rallies attended by hundreds that then marched through the streets chanting against Trump.

The first planned march started with a rally in early afternoon at Mall A and marched a little after 12 o’clock noon. Unicorn Riot live-tweeted this action. The march included an arrest and a police officer violently smashing a press camera.

As the march snaked through downtown Cleveland bringing its anti-Trump, pro-immigrant rights message, it was flanked by hundreds of police. Although the protesters jumped barricades, the closest they were able to bring their message to the Republican Convention was Prospect Avenue, where they were still blocks away from the main event.

Marshals in the back of this march faced outwards towards the bicycle police in effort to protect the protesters.

The march did see one arrest of a local activist, supposedly on the basis of an outstanding warrant. Beyond that, it peacefully ended at the location it started.

Things got dicey after that as a group quoting Bible verses started to scream down upon the crowd, shouting homophobic slurs. Police eventually broke the group up by violently pushing people (mostly press) with their bikes.

The second action, named ‘End Poverty Now’ began with a rally that had speakers and performances by Rebel Diaz and the newly formed super-group Prophets of Rage. A march ensued after, which we broadcasted live.

The march headed downtown, and in similar fashion as the earlier march, it was flanked by dozens of police officers from a variety of states.

The march ended in downtown with speeches.

The day featured a vast showing of numbers by police forces from all-over the United States of America. There were numerous incidents of police detaining protesters who wore masks and searching them. They were also following small groups of protesters en masse. A person was arrested for having a gas mask later on day 1 of the RNC.

For our LIVE streams of the day, watch below:

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