Solecast 28 w/ Franco “Bifo” Berardi on Capitalism, Mass Killings, Suicide & Alienation

Solecast 28 features an in-depth discussion with Italian Autonomist/Philosopher Franco “Bifo” Berardi on his book Heroes.

Franco is the author of over two dozen books and played a deep role in the Autonomia movement in the 1970’s and helped found Radio Alice, one of the first pirate radio stations in Italy.

Heroes is a groundbreaking exploration of the links between capitalism, alienation, mass killings, and suicide.

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Topics of discussion:

  • Mass killings & the society of the spectacle
  • The relationship between ISIS & alienation
  • Nihilism as the prevailing ideology of our times
  • Black Lives Matter & Black Power
  • The crisis of the white race & patriarchy
  • Neuroplasticity & the coming techno fascism
Heroes is out now on Verso Books.


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