Alt-Right Networks Behind Charlottesville Rally Exposed in ‘Vibrant Diversity’ Discord Chats

Charlottesville, VA – During our reporting on the neo-nazi Unite The Right rally in August 2017, Unicorn Riot obtained and published the contents of a Discord chat server used to plan the event. Discord, a free text and voice chat program marketed for gamers, was widely adopted by white supremacist alt-right groups and the app played a key part in steps taken by people like Jason Kessler and Eli Mosley (Eliott Kline) to organize the Charlottesville event.

Our primary release of the Unite The Right Discord planning chats consisted of the logs from a chat server called ‘Charlottesville 2.0.‘ Several other chat servers were also involved in higher-level alt-right organizing before, during, and after last summer’s events in Charlottesville. One of these servers, previously unreleased to the public: ‘Vibrant Diversity‘, containing over 250,000 messages, has today been published in its full form by Unicorn Riot as part of our Discord Leaks database.

Records of the Charlottesville planning chats have been entered as evidence against the neo-nazi rally organizers in civil litigation, filed by survivors of James Alex Fields‘ deadly car attack. A federal judge also recently approved a subpoena to Discord to uncover the identity of at least one person active in the Charlottesville planning chat.

The ‘Vibrant Diversity’ chat server seems to have been administered by ‘D’Marcus Leibowitz‘, a pseudonymous alt-right organizer who was also part of the leaked planning calls for Unite The Right.

Also heavily involved is Brian Brathovd, aka ‘Caerulus Rex,’ an anti-semitic podcaster who has been part of Richard Spencer’s personal security detail and also was a security organizer for Unite The Right. Last year, a Unicorn Riot investigation exposed that Brathovd was an active duty soldier in the National Guard while he was doing neo-nazi organizing and working security for Spencer’s events.

Brathovd was one of the more prolific participants in the ‘Vibrant Diversity’ chat. He apparently had a misplaced confidence in the security of the chat room, referring to ‘Vibrant Diversity’ as “the most elite discord server in the Alt Right.”  ‘D’Marcus Leibowitz’ also claimed that ” this is a safe discord, only hyper-vetted goys.”

Eli Mosley (real name Eliott Kline), already in legal cross-hairs for his primary organizing role in Unite The Right, is also heavily involved in the Vibrant Diversity chat room.

Like Brathovd and Mosley, another Vibrant Diversity chat participant, ‘Gray‘ (an alias used by alt-right neo-nazi and IT specialist, Cody Elkin) was also involved in the planning for Charlottesville, although he was removed from the ‘Charlottesville 2.0’ chat after getting into an argument.

‘Zeljko Stajnovic,’ a username alias for Marcel Stein, an ex-Marine and a member of the neo-nazi group Patriot Front, is involved in the chat which also included several of the main individuals behind the infamous neo-nazi hate site Daily Stormer, including the site’s owner Andrew Anglin, systems administrator Andrew Aurenheimer aka ‘weev‘, and Texan Daily Stormer writer Robert Ray. aka ‘Azzmador‘, who was also involved in the Charlottesville planning chat.

Other high-profile alt-right neo-nazis with messages in the new leaked chats include holocaust denier Mike Enoch, from the Daily Shoah podcast, and Nebraska neo-nazi, Dan Kleve.

Also apparently present in the Vibrant Diversity chat was Greg Johnson, publisher of the neo-nazi website Counter-Currents. Someone using the Discord username ‘Counter Currents‘, who appears to be Johnson, is at one point addressed by another participant as ‘GJ’, Greg Johnson’s initials. Johnson had been rumored to have been living overseas in Europe but recently was exposed by antifascists as living in Seattle and has reportedly moved.

To browse and search the newly leaked Discord chat logs, go to and scroll to the bottom – look for the server title ‘Vibrant Diversity’ in the lower left hand corner.

Unicorn Riot will continue publishing unreleased Discord chat logs providing hidden insight into neo-nazi, white supremacist, and far-right movements. Look out for upcoming releases!

UPDATE (8/31/18): We’ve added leaked chat logs from two more alt-right Discord servers that we obtained in the same batch as Vibrant Diversity and Charlottesville 2.0:

4th Reich: 181,299 messages, April-September 2017

Safe Space 3: 16,745 messages, May-August 2017

Title image via Southern Poverty Law Center

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