Nine Injured at #Fightfor15 Rally After Truck Plows into Crowd

Flint, MI – On Tuesday morning, October 2, fast food workers and union members were marching toward a rally outside a local McDonalds calling for $15 an hour wages. Video of the incident shows a maroon pickup truck barreling at high speed down the road toward the march and then plowing into the crowd, injuring nine people. The truck came to a stop after ramming into a Two Consumers Energy truck on the other side of the street, headed in the opposite direction. Photos and video of the incident show multiple protesters wearing red t-shirts scattered on the ground along the street.


Local first responders arrived on site to tend to the injured. Most sustained non-life threatening injuries and some of those injured were discharged later in the evening. The driver was briefly spoken to by local police who claim the driver was not intoxicated or having a medical emergency. Police allowed the driver to leave without arrest or charges claiming it was an accident.

According to reports and video from the press conference of the incident, Flint police went on to claim the rally did not have a permit and that protesters were wearing dark clothing without reflective vests or lights. Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson went on to state,  “I wouldn’t change anything.” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer were both with the protesters when the truck drove into the crowd. Despite attendance by city officials, police stated that they had no prior knowledge of the protest, and if they had known, would have provided a police escort. The incident remains under investigation.

Footage of the truck driving into the crowd can be viewed below:

(Video source)

Written by Andrew Neef

Cover photo by Nate Allen

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