Far-Right Sacramento Rally Draws Small Crowd

SACRAMENTO, CA – State police are mobilized in and around the California State Capitol building, in anticipation of violence following the 2016 mass casualty incident at a similar rally, which left ten people injured, many with stab wounds from far right attacks.

The Golden State Skinheads (a white supremacist gang with a long history of violence, connected to other far right groups) were expected to attend but have not yet made a showing.

A group of Proud Boys have made their presence known at the event. The Proud Boys are a far right street gang fronting as a fraternal order, which often associates with other gangs. See our 2018 coverage for a close look at the Missouri Proud Boys and their associations with other far right groups.

This article may be updated as developments occur.

Police in Sacramento doffed their hats when far right rallygoers sang the National Anthem. Photo by Unicorn Riot