Thousands March in Minneapolis to Stop Separating Families

Minneapolis, MN – Thousands turned out to march through the streets of south Minneapolis against the United States practice of separating children from their families at the Mexico-US border.  The start time of the event was pushed back a half hour due to a fierce thunderstorm that rolled through at 2 p.m.

Unicorn Riot was live from south Minneapolis:

One participant Avery who grew up in Texas near the border said that what’s going on “is an atrocity, in that children that I personally know are being affected & ripped away from their families, just because they’re coming from across a fake line.

When our host Georgia asked how the issue could be resolved, Avery responded, “I’d say, abolishing ICE; re-looking at how we manage our borders; re-considering them entirely because, frankly, the fact that we can justify concentration camps because of a fake line suggests that maybe we should re-consider it as a whole.

Sudanese-American protester Ali was out protesting the Muslim Ban at the #StopSeparatingFamilies anti-ICE march, as well as spreading awareness about the uprising taking place in Sudan.

Chava Kohkoffel, a protester of Askenazi Jewish descent, had organized a variety of local Jewish activists to attend the march together in order to show unified opposition to the camps as a bloc of Jewish people.

Chava explained the importance of taking a stand as an anti-Zionist Jew, “to place my traditions and values and diaspora in a Yiddish idea of doyekit which means, wherever you are… it means ‘hereness’; wherever you are, you’re fighting for liberation there.

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