Flores Oscuras Platforms BIPOC Artists’ Expressions of Horror

Minneapolis, MN – Eight blocks north of George Floyd Memorial Square, seven artists are using Halloween weekend as an opportunity to showcase the horrors of life under white supremacy for BIPOC-identifying community members.

Flores Oscuras (“dark flowers”) is a live show for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color “to express their lived and imagined horrors through multi-disciplinary art forms” including poetry, comedy, and looped animations.

We are covering the second and final night of the performances on Sunday, November 1:

Unicorn Riot interviewed show creator Xochi de la Luna in 2019 about uplifting artists who experience marginalization and their goal of invigorating and re-creating the Twin Cities arts community. Flores Oscuras is the newest in a lineup of live community art shows the Salvadoran–Mexican artist has curated, including Mother Goose’s Bedtime Stories and the Vector 9 Variety Show.

De la Luna has hopes that this new show will return to become an annual or biennial event. Held outdoors out of necessity during the ongoing pandemic, the show’s location is the site of the former Robert’s Shoes community space, which was destroyed in a fire two years ago.

The lineup’s seven local artists include BE, Olive Wilson, Teigh McGee and Taylor Pleasant, Maya Lawrence, Comrade Tripp, and Noah Lawrence-Holder.

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