Say Her Name — Nekeya Moody Killed in February 2020 After Encounter with Minnesota Police

Minneapolis, MN – Nekeya Moody, a 37-year-old mother of five, died after a struggle with Ramsey County Sheriffs in February 2020. Moody’s sister said she laid unresponsive and lacking medical care for 10 minutes. Today, July 5, Nekeya Moody would’ve turned 38.

On June 19, 2020, at a vigil for George Floyd and other stolen lives in a makeshift graveyard with headstones of victims, Unicorn Riot heard from Patriece Standberry, as she stood in front of the headstone with her sister’s name on it. Standberry shared some of her sister Nekeya Moody’s story.

Five months ago in Little Canada, MN, a northern suburb of Saint Paul, Moody’s family called 911 for a medical emergency as Moody was having a seizure along with dealing with some mental health problems. Moody was restrained by officers while on her stomach and her sister said she then went into cardiac arrest.

She received no medical attention for ten minutes; one officer accused Nekeya of “playing possum” while her body was fighting to stay alive.

Moody was taken off life support four days after the encounter, dying on February 10, 2020.

The restraint applied on Moody’s legs, back, and torso while she was on her stomach on the ground, as described by witnesses and the police report, likely led to positional asphyxiation.

She is survived by five children, including two twin boys who are less than four years old.

She was a true spitfire, ride or die — a true free spirit. Authentic. She loved to laugh and make people feel happy. We love you eternally.” — Miles Davis Moody, uncle of Nekeya Moody

Patriece said that after seeing George Floyd be killed from an over 8 minute encounter, the memories of her sister’s encounter all came back.

I saw my sister go through a lot of shit, she was a survivor. To see her go out like this, it’s fucked up.” — Patriece Standberry

Standberry is pushing for awareness and justice for her sister’s case and her family is hosting an online a fundraiser for Nekeya’s memorial fund.

See the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office report below. Names and addresses of Moody’s family redacted by Unicorn Riot.

police report one _ Redacted

Jenn Schreiter contributed to this report.

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