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Police Release Body Cam Footage of Ronald Davis’ Killing

St. Paul, MN – Body camera footage of Saint Paul police’s (SPPD) deadly encounter with Ronald Davis was released on Tuesday, September 24. The video shows Ronald Davis running towards the officer with what looks to be a four-inch knife before being shot.
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Speak Out For Khaleel Thompson

Crystal, MN – Eighteen year old Khaleel Thompson, who was recently diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, was going through a mental crisis while holding an airsoft pistol when four Crystal Police officers shot 18 rounds at him two weeks ago. Khaleel survived and is in the…

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Phil Quinn’s Murderers (St. Paul Police) Cleared by Grand Jury

St. Paul, MN – On Wednesday, February 18, St. Paul police officers Joe LaBathe and Rich McGuire were cleared in the killing of Phil Quinn. During Thursday’s press conference, authorities released the dashcam footage and 911 transcripts of the incident.
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