Patriot Front Leaks Reveal Group’s Ideology: “Jews attack all things good in this world”

Documents newly obtained by Unicorn Riot reveal the underlying beliefs and intentions of the fascist and white nationalist group Patriot Front. Through examining the organization’s initiation process and the ideological standards it seeks to maintain, it’s clear that their attempts at having a professional image are, at most, skin deep. 

Within the group’s divisions across the U.S., it hides its neo-Nazi ideology behind patriotism and vague dog whistles about “globalists” and the “degeneration” of America’s “founding stock.” In the group’s public messaging, it does not “name its enemies,” (as one critical member put it) preferring instead to focus its rhetoric on romanticized allusions to, what they see as, America’s glorious founding.

This recent leak, which Unicorn Riot has described in detail and is available to the public at, includes notes from 75 interviews with potential recruits conducted between September and December 2021.

Nine of those interviews were conducted with former Patriot Front members seeking to return to the organization after having left. Unless otherwise noted, the interviewees mentioned in this article were accepted into the organization—indicating that their views lined up with the ideological parameters established by group leadership.

Photograph from Unicorn Riot’s Patriot Front data leak of two members boxing and another walking by holding a Betsy Ross flag.

The notes include lists of books and other influences on the recruits’ worldviews, as well as their detailed personal histories which cultivated their fascist ideologies.

In a fairly typical example, one recruit from Alabama given the anonymized moniker AL996570—an apparently random six-digit number following the postal abbreviation for the state in which he lives (all Patriot Front members are men and all are given these codes)—described his political awakening in the following way:

“Grew up in generally conservative household. He was in college and was browsing YouTube. Found Sargon of Akkad and got into the anti-feminist movement. Found Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro. Big turning moment was when Richard Spencer was punched in the face. Decided to see what he has to say. He agreed with basically everything he was saying. Found out about Jared Taylor from there and watched their content (around 2016). It progressed from there. Since then his views evolved, got really into race realism. Would listen to Warski Live while he worked. Heard about ethnostate concept and the JQ. Started to read Kevin MacDonald’s book on the JQ, and [Charles Murray’s] the Bell Curve around 2017. When far right, kind of considered himself a National Socialist. Backed up from that and considers himself a right-wing reactionary.”

Although the Patriot Front members taking notes certainly jotted down concepts in their own shorthand and vernacular, most recruits seem familiar with the standard set of internet slang used by fascists and white nationalists on online forums such as 4chan. In this vernacular, the “JQ” refers to the “Jewish Question,” an historical reference to debates within European intellectual circles during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries regarding the proper treatment of Jewish people in society. For right wing internet trolls, “the JQ” refers to the conspiracy theory that Jews control the world by holding the strings of finance, government, media and other key realms.

Another typical example, attributed to a recruit from California, reads as follows:

“Started as a Republican, educated man. Reasonable party to align with from his perspective. Then he went Libertarian, which he soon realized was fantasy. He wanted to find solutions to our problems, so he is moving towards National Socialism. Was lead to NS through Mein Kampf, also watched Europa from a recommendation online. Got interested in reading Mein Kampf from hearing about it on Gab. Wanted to expose himself to some of Hitler’s ideas and decided that there was a lot of truth to it.”

“Europa” refers to a fascist propaganda film entitled Europa: The Last Battle, which six interviewees named as a formative part of their political education.  

The interviews also reveal that Patriot Front recruits members who are still teenagers, appealing to them through the internet and luring them into increasingly extremist views. Of the interview notes included in this leak, eight of those interviewed were teenagers, however all claimed to be over 18. Although at least one interviewee was rejected because he was only sixteen, Patriot Front does recruit members who are legally minors into their organization. 

Internal chat logs reveal that Patriot Front does not hesitate to transport minors across state lines to participate in fascist marches without their parents’ knowledge.

Still image of a video from Unicorn Riot’s Patriot Front data leak showing members practicing a “fireman carry.”

Leaked recordings of a meeting of the Pacific Northwest division of Patriot Front included an exchange between  Network Director Colton Michael Brown, who posts in RocketChat as ‘ND – John WA,’ and a 17-year-old member. After Brown tells the minor he’s expected to attend an “action,” but refuses to tell him what it involves or where it is due to “operational security,” the minor states clearly that he can’t leave the state because he’s a minor.

“Why does that matter?” Brown responds. “You can’t go buy a plane ticket and then tell your parents that you’re coming down to John’s house for the weekend?”

“Dude, I can’t,” the minor responds. But after repeated pressure by Brown and other group members, he eventually concedes.

Other interviewees named thinkers or historical figures not typically considered to be right wing, such as Ted Kaczynski, an anti-industrial and ecological political figure and militant also known as the Unabomber, who three members named as having influenced them, and George Orwell, who three members named. Five recruits named German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche as influential in helping them arrive at their fascist views.

One recruit from Arizona who expressed admiration for the Atomwaffen Division, an ultra-violent neo-Nazi militia that seeks civilizational collapse, also expressed particularly virulent hatred of Jews, as well as admiration for Ted Kaczynski.

“Upbringing was similar to any other. Public school made him liberal. Started browsing pol in 2007/8 which led him to Evola and Hitler. Discovered a few years later. Iron March was a huge contributor to ideological development. Conversations with people on the website radicalized him. Learning about the fall of Tsarist Russia led him to discovering the parasitical nature of the Jews. Thinks capitalism and communism are two sides of the same Jewish coin. Jews attack all things good in this world…Admires Ted Kaczynski. He was able to verbalize his point of view and ideology very well. Doesn’t like his methods. Likes his writings.”

Interviewees were also asked to summarize “the biggest threat” to America as they see it. Of the 66 interviews conducted with new recruits, 14 named immigrants as one of the biggest threats facing America, 10 named Communists/Marxists and 6 named the media. However the largest number of applicants—44, or ⅔ of all applicants in the reviewed data— responded to “the biggest threat” question and other questions by blaming Jews, Zionists or the “Zionist Occupied Government” (ZOG) for the problems facing America.

In all, virulent anti-Semitism appears to be one of the most persistent ideologies driving Patriot Front. As one Patriot Front member put it during a meeting over the group’s internal audio chat platform, “every single person in this organization knows, I haven’t met a single person here who doesn’t know, the JQ. Literally everyone here does.” As other members put it, Patriot Front members are “woke on the JQ.”  

Many members directly linked their hatred toward non-white populations to their anti-Semitism. As notes from an interview with a recruit from Pennsylvania reads, the “biggest threat is that we are being invaded by illegals and the destruction of industry. brownwashing of our nation. jews stand to gain from this. destroy white solidarity.”

The apparent predominance of anti-Semitism within Patriot Front should not be surprising. As Black anti-racist researcher Eric Ward has clearly articulated, “American White nationalism, which emerged in the wake of the 1960s civil rights struggle and descends from White supremacism, is a revolutionary social movement committed to building a Whites-only nation, and antisemitism forms its theoretical core.”

As the interview notes and chat logs reveal, Patriot Front members blame Jews for the inability of the “white race” to maintain their position of social and political supremacy in the wake of civil rights era gains by non-whites. Confronting the reality that those gains were made through the hard work and political savvy of non-white people and those acting in solidarity with them would cause their white supremacist ideologies to collapse. (If whites are so much better, how come they are, as they see it, losing?)

Photograph from Unicorn Riot’s Patriot Front data leak of members boxing.

To shore up these theoretical fissures, white supremacists concocted a conspiracy theory of a mysterious race of elites pulling the strings of global society to protect their racist fabrications and wounded egos.

“Antisemitism, I discovered,” Eric Ward continues, “is a particular and potent form of racism so central to White supremacy that Black people would not win our freedom without tearing it down.”

Interviewers also asked recruits what label they would use for their political ideology, and the answers they got provide a much more honest assessment of the group’s ideological makeup than its manifesto does. Answers to the question were diverse, including “anti-globalist,” “eco-fascist,” “Nietzschean,” “anti-Bolshevism and minarchist. However, the most common responses were “nationalist” claimed by eight interviewees, “fascist” and “white nationalist,” each claimed by twelve, and “national socialist” claimed by twenty-one.

One might object that “national socialism,” taken ahistorically, could potentially mean a lot of things, including perhaps a particularly patriotic version of the Bernie Sanders platform. But when interviewees were asked which historical figures most influenced them and which books had the biggest influence on their thinking, the term’s meaning to them became clear.

Many recruits named figures from American history (one question on the interview form, which was not included in the leak, may have specifically asked interviewees to name American leaders): nine named Teddy Roosevelt,  eight named George Washington, and seven named Thomas Jefferson. However, the highest number of interviewees named historical fascist leaders and thinkers: six named Romanian fascist politician and anti-Semite Corneliu Zelea Codreanu,  ten named Italian occultist and fascist Julius Evola, and eight named American neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell.

However, the most influential historical figure named by recruits by far was Adolf Hitler and his book Mein Kampf, which twenty-two recruits named as having influenced their thinking or awakened them to “the racial question,” as one recruit from Ohio put it. Admiration of Hitler also appears throughout the internal chat logs of established Patriot Front members. 

Also featured prominently in the interview notes was an admiration of traditional gender roles and hatred of those who deviate from them. These declarations often lined up with talking points considered mainstream in current American political discourse, but some exposed their theoretical underpinnings in outright misogyny and hatred of sexual difference.

One recruit from Colorado’s views were articulated by interviewers in this way:

“Says ideal family structure is the Nuclear family, but states that the ‘zogged’ [Zionist Occupied Government] modern marriage gives women undue power which is antithetical to the Bible and therefore has reservations about getting married in the current LEGAL system. Further explains how it’s different from today through the normalizing of ideas which destroy what’s natural. Says he ‘hates faggots’ and degeneracy writ large, to the extent that he would get in trouble with faggots who approached him. Has indulged in promiscuity in the past, but has come to rise above that since college.”

Another expressed that “oftentimes…women form groups that undermine society.” Some regretted women’s suffrage and most attributed their misogynist views to a vague sense of the “natural” order of things. “Women are meant to follow,” notes from an interview with a New York recruit read. “Men are made in the image of God, women are made in the image of man.”

Many expressed a desire for the government to outlaw forms of sexual expression they deem wrong. Notes from a recruit in Oregon are typical: “Opposed to homosex, porn, promiscuity. State should ban previously mentioned elements from being exhibited in public.” 

“Thinks homosexuality, porn and transsexuality should all be banned,” reads another.

Photograph from Unicorn Riot’s Patriot Front data leak of two members practicing a “pat down.”

Almost all recruits expressed admiration for an idealized image of a 1950s white American nuclear family structure in which the man goes to work, and the wife stays home to care for the children. Other recruits expressed that they think “women have too much freedom” in society and that “man is the leader. Today, women are given too much authority and work too much.” Many expressed concerns that “promiscuity, porn, homosexuality, transsexuality have destroyed the family.”

In another revealing question, interviewees were asked whether they subscribed to the “civnat” or “civic nationalist” position. Civic nationalism is a form of nationalism that is based in classical liberalism, and couples a virulent nationalism with some level of ethnic inclusivity—positing that a nation is composed of all those who adhere to its constitution or founding principles. All interviewees who were accepted expressed their opposition to this ideology, typically stating that “there is an ethnic component to being an American” and that “nationhood cannot be bestowed to those not of the founding stock.”

One interviewee, who was rejected for membership, said that he “isn’t comfortable judging an entire culture. Is more comfortable with Japanese migrants than Cuban migrants. Thinks that an ethnostate may not be achievable, unless everyone gets really tired. It isn’t the hill he’d die on.” Although this response may be considered racist by mainstream standards, for Patriot Front interviewers it indicated an excessive level of flexibility around ethnicity. Incorrect responses to this question appear to be the most common reason interviewees were rejected (although interviewees were also rejected after being deemed obese and gay by group leaders). 

The presence of this question—the only question interviewees were asked that names a specific ideology in an apparent attempt to weed out its adherents—exposes a prominent disagreement on the far right between those fascists seeking an all-white ethnostate and those willing to collaborate with non-whites toward a fascist future. The most apparent example of this divide is in the otherwise ideologically similar group the Proud Boys, with whom Patriot Front shares some members.

“I remember I got called racist [by Portland Proud Boys members] for saying f*** Islam and saying that it has no place in western society,” Casey James Knuteson, known within the group as ‘Leo OR’ wrote in an internal chat. By highlighting this potential ideological obstacle, Patriot Front leaders seek to weed out those recruits who express a flexibility toward non-whites, seeking to keep the group resting squarely on white nationalist theoretical groundwork.

A leaked chat from the Patriot Front’s Pacific Northwest chapter in which Knuteson shares a photo of a t-shirt celebrating the deaths of Afghans who fell from an American plane during the botched evacuation of Afghanistan, demonstrates the violent outcomes of these ideologies. 

Patriot Front’s manifesto features prominent quotes from America’s history, including the words of Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton and Henry Ford. These figures offer inspirational quotes about the greatness of the nation and fears about its potential for “dilution by foreign races” derived from the pantheon of American history. In internal chats, Patriot Front members discuss the need to cultivate a fascism that is uniquely American rather than attempting to import, as other groups do, a vision of fascism from Germany or Italy in the 1930s.

Although Patriot Front leaders use these figures as a smokescreen to hide the true roots of their fascist ideology, these references are not entirely insincere. Patriot Front leaders and members also genuinely find common cause with the thinkers and leaders who founded this country.

Nine recruits named Theodore Roosevelt as an influential figure in American history—a leader who spoke quite plainly about the need to conquer this and other lands for the “white race” and the value of regeneration through violence (two foundational fascist concepts).

As one recruit from California put it, in a quote reminiscent of a variety of quotes from America’s founders, “Me and people that look like me deserve to have a nation. We have a right to exist.” As these documents show, anxieties driven by the illusion of an existential threat to the so-called “white race” are as much a part of America’s present as they are of its past.  

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Below is data collected by Unicorn Riot from the 75 recruits whose interview notes were included in the recent leak and who were accepted for group membership. Results are approximate. 

Some interviewees responded that they identified with multiple “labels” or ideologies. In those cases, both responses were included in the data. Most responses are listed according to the questions they are answering, but in most cases these questions have been reverse engineered from the responses because exact wording of the original questions is unknown. Some similar responses are listed together, such as “White Nationalist” and “White Ethno-Nationalist.” In those cases, the number attributed to the primary response includes the similar response. Titles of films, books and shows have been standardized where possible. 

  • What label would you use for your political ideology?
    • National Socialism (21)
    • Fascist (12)
    • White nationalist (12)
      • White Ethno-Nationalist
    • Nationalist (8)
    • Right wing reactionary (3)
      • Reactionary
    • Paleo Conservative (3)
    • American Traditionalist (3)
      • Traditionalist
    • American Nationalist (2)
    • Authoritarian (2)
      • Right-Wing Authoritarian
    • Christian Nationalist (2)
    • Centrist
    • Eco-Fascism
    • Nietzscheanism 
    • Anti-globalist
    • America First Movement with Fascist tendencies
    • Christian National Socialist
    • Third Positionist
    • American Patriot
    • Folkish
    • Minarchist 
    • Anti-Bolshevik 
    • Constitutionalist
  • What is the biggest threat to America right now? Or racial/ethnic/sexual/political groups blamed:
    • Jews/Zionists (44)
    • Immigrants (14)
    • Communists/Marxists (10)
    • Media (6)
    • Feminism (2)
    • Free Masons (2)
    • China/Chinese (2)
    • Blacks (2)
    • Leftists
    • Liberals 
    • Politicians
    • FBI
  • What is your religious affiliation, if any? 
    • (Non-denom) Christian (12)
    • Catholic (9)
    • Agnostic (7)
    • Protestant Christian (5)
    • None (3)
    • Orthodox Christian (2)
      • Greek Orthodox (1)
      • Russian Orthodox (1)
    • Atheist (2)
      • Irreligious
    • Questioning
    • Fundamentalist Christian
    • Folkish Heathen
    • Celtic Pagan
  • How did you find out about Patriot Front?:
    • Telegram (17)
    • 4Chan (13)
      • /pol/
    • After March in DC (11)
    • Word of mouth (6)
    • After Charlottesville (4)
    • Met PF people at NJP meeting (2)
    • Instagram
    • Will Planer, PF member
    • Gab
    • Met Thomas Rousseau at American Renaissance conference (AmRen)
    • Thomas Sewell’s Telegram
    • After March for Life
    • Nordic Frontier Interview
    • ‘Strike and Mike’ episode
    • Interview between Keith Woods and Thomas Rousseau
    • Media2Rise Video 
    • Killstream podcast mention
    • Southern Dingo stream about PF
    • After march in Philadelphia
    • Through Asha Logos TPP
  • Links to other fascist groups or networks named by interviewees:
    • Identity Europa (5)
    • Proud Boys (4)
      • Former member
      • Current member
    • The Right Stuff Pool Party (3)
    • Golden State Skinheads
    • American Kulaks
    • Colorado Patriots group
    • Qanon
    • White Lives Matter (2)
    • NSC 131 / Chris Hood (2)
    • HomeworkHelpers88
    • Iron March
    • Atomwaffen
      • Knows people who started the first chapter
    • Soldiers of Odin
    • Unnamed “Nat Soc” group that meets up “in real life”
    • Texans Standing For Freedom (TS4F)
  • Influential historical figures, texts and films named by interviewees: 
    • Hitler (22)
      • Mein Kampf
    • Julius Evola (10)
      • Men Amongst the Tigers
      • Revolt Against the Modern World
    • Teddy Roosevelt (9)
    • George Washington (8)
    • Thomas Jefferson (7)
    • George Lincoln Rockwell (8)
      • This Time The World
    • Europa: The Last Battle (film) (6)
    • Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (6)
      • For My Legionaries
    • Francis Yockey (6)
      • Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics
    • Friedrich Nietzsche (5)
      • Beyond Good and Evil
      • Thus Spoke Zarathustra
    • William Luther Pierce (5)
      • The Turner Diaries
    • Andrew Jackson (4)
    • Benito Mussolini (4)
    • Robert E. Lee (4)
    • Oswald Spengler (4)
    • The Bible (4)
    • Henry Ford (4)
      • The International Jew
    • Ted Kaczynski (3)
    • Gulag Archipelago (3)
    • Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told (film) (3)
    • Devon Stack (3)
    • Bronze Age Mindset (3)
    • George Patton (3)
    • Stonewall Jackson (2)
    • Might is Right (2)
    • Protocols of Elders of Zion (2)
    • The Myth of the 20th Century (2)
    • Niccolo Machiavelli (2)
    • Christopher Columbus (2)
    • Oswald Mosley (2)
    • George Orwell, (3)
      • 1984
      • Animal Farm
    • Arthur Schopenhauer (2)
    • H.A. Covington (2)
      • The Brigade
    • Meditations–Marcus Aurelius
    • The Bell Curve–Charles Murray
    • Fahrenheit 451
    • John Hancock
    • 88 Precepts–David Lane
    • A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind
    • Brigham Young
    • Joseph Smith
    • The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times
    • The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam
    • Nikola Tesla
    • New Nobility from Blood and Soil-Richard Darre
    • Davy Crockett
    • Thomas Aquinas
    • The Squire’s Trial-Alexander Slavros
    • Douglas McArthur
    • Antelope Hill (publisher)
      • Why We Fight
    • Beowulf 
    • The Fate of Empires–Sir John Glubb,
    • Charles Lindbergh
    • Joseph Goebbels
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    • Waking up From the American Dream–Gregory Hood
    • Dissident Magazine
    • Miguel Primo de Rivera
    • The Camp of the Saints
    • Pat Buchanan
    • War of the Flea
    • The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
    • John Adams
    • The Controversy of Zion
    • My Awakening–David Duke
    • Harassment Architecture
    • Orthodox Bible
    • St. Augustine
    • Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment–JJ Goldberg
    • Hitler’s Revolution–Richard Tedor
    • Poilu: The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker, 1914-1918
    • Dealing with China 
    • Terrible Terry Allen
    • The Art of War
    • The Book of Five Rings
    • Jesse Pooler
    • Liberty and Tyranny–Mark Levin
    • Ayn Rand
    • 1776–David McCullough 
    • The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
    • Albert Speer
    • David Irving
    • National Socialism: Our Struggle–Daniel Zakal
    • Let Them Look West–Marty Phillips
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Alexander Hamilton
    • Plato
    • Stoicism
    • The Way of the World 
    • Firestorm
    • Starship Troopers
    • The Myth of the Rational Voter-Bryan Caplan
  • Influential figures, media outlets or platforms named by interviewees:
    • Telegram Channels (listed independently below): 
      • Western Chauvinist (13)
      • National Justice Party (NJP) (5)
      • Disclose TV (5)
      • RT News (5)
      • Fascist Fitness (4)
      • Lauren Witske (4)
      • Eric Striker (4)
      • Thomas Sewell (4) (Australian)
      • Warren Balogh (3)
      • Proud Boys (3)
      • Zoomerwaffen (2)
      • The Judgment Zone
      • Nationalist Division
      • Liveleak
      • Fighting for Christendom
      • Shitpost Legion
      • Goyim.TV
      • Campfire Intel
      • Ultezeitung
      • Potassium Nitrate Pilled
      • White WellBeing
      • Zoltanis
      • Indy Active Club
      • Midwestern News
      • Nordic Resistance Movement
      • Shadowman311
      • Full Tide
      • The Hammer
      • Red Ice TV
      • Red Pills
      • Dissident Homeschool
      • Athletics and Identity
      • Aryan Fitness
      • Folkish Resistance 
      • Beauty of White Women
      • NSDAP International
      • Jack Fell
      • Geanie
      • 14 Words
      • White Preservation Society
      • Intel Slava
      • Proud Goys
      • The Furgen
      • Jack McKraken
      • Enjoy the Decline
      • Honklers Clown Show
      • White Alexandria Libraries
      • War on Whites
      • Mike Peinovich
      • Glenn Greenwald
      • NS Booktalk
      • Mr. Benzingear
      • Boss Hawg News Crew
      • Politically Provoked
      • Outsider
      • Whites Against Loxism
      • Imperium Press
      • Vincent James
      • Dan Erikson
      • COVID Red Pills
      • One Whites
      • Emily Youcis
      • Michelle Malkin
      • William Luther Pierce Archive
    • Nick Fuentes (9)
    • Gab (8) (Accounts listed below): 
      • Western Chauvinist
      • Racial Consciousness
      • Nature and Race
      • Nordic Resistance
    • The Right Stuff (7)
    • Zerohedge (6)
    • Alex Jones (5)
    • /4chan/ (5)
    • Fox News (5)
    • American Renaissance (AmRen) (5)
    • Twitter (4)
      • Breaking 911 (2)
    • Richard Spencer (4)
    • The Daily Stormer (4)
    • Jared Taylor (3)
    • Steven Crowder (3)
    • Donald Trump (3)
    • Jordan Peterson (3)
    • Sargon of Akkad (2)
    • Media2Rise (2)
    • Project Veritas (2)
    • Ben Shapiro (2)
    • Paul Gosar (2)
    • The Paranormies (2)
    • Keith Woods (2)
    • Stefan Molyneux (2)
    • Full Haus (2)
    • John Doyle (2)
    • Mike ‘Enoch’ Peinovich (2)
    • Asha Logos (2)
    • Conspiracy Hole (2)
    • Epoch Times (2) 
      • NTD News (New Tang Dynasty, linked to Epoch Times)
    • Scott Greer
    • Paul Joseph Watson
    • Warski Live
    • Kevin MacDonald
    • Vincent James
    • Reddit/pol
    • Styxinhammer
    • Sam Hyde
    • Joey Camp
    • West Coast News and Discussion
    • Boss Hawg News
    • Fash the Nation
    • Paul Wagner
    • Colin Flaherty
    • Paul Joseph Watson
    • Mark Dice
    • Charlie Kirk
    • Candace Owens 
    • Jesse Ryan
    • Lin Wood
    • Mr. Obvious (YouTube)
    • Black Pigeon Speaks
    • Martinez Perspective
    • Global Resistance News
    • Yukeo Mishima
    • White Lives Matter (YouTube)
    • Robert Sepher
    • Lew Rockwell (
    • Goyam TV
      • Gypsy Crusader
      • HT
    • Bitchute
      • “CisWhiteMale”
    • James Allsup
    • Altskull
    • James Mason
    • Morgoth’s Review
    • Andrew Torba
    • Ethan Ralph
    • Drudge Report
    • Patrick Casey
    • The Daily Shoah
    • No More News
    • White Rabbit Radio
    • CNN
    • MSNBC
    • CounterCurrents

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