Federal Agents Kill Man in North Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN — A standoff that reportedly started at dawn with a man barricaded in a house ended around noon on April 27 when federal agents killed him as he exited his home armed. Community member and independent media maker Ben Bump live streamed from Dowling Avenue as the federal agents fired the shots that killed the man. Bump shared his experience with Unicorn Riot a few hours later.

Unicorn Riot streamed from the scene in North Minneapolis near Dupont and Dowling Avenues for about an hour in the early evening.

A young man named Chue Feng Yang is reported as the victim. Yang published to Facebook a gut-wrenching live stream from a living room before he was killed. Yang is seen holding a shotgun while smoking a cigarette as he sat on a couch. Yang speaks to a negotiator on the phone.

Yang’s girlfriend Raylean Gurneau is heard in the background pleading with Yang continually to surrender peacefully, at one point saying, ‘don’t do this daddy, we have a baby on the way.’ Calls for help, support and asking Yang to surrender were posted as comments on the live feed — “It’s never the end brother.. it’s ok to surrender g.. hate to see you go out like this” and “Bro your dad needs you bro your whole family needs you bro stay strong bro …. Don’t do it!”

During the phone call with the negotiator and Yang, windows can be heard being broken. Yang continued to threaten killing himself if authorities moved in. At one point Yang brought the woman off camera and what sounded like a robot or a drone can be heard moving into the area but not seen.

Yang attempted to coerce Gurneau to take part in killing him and he would kill her. A few minutes later, two figures attached at the waist with a white cloth appear on video. Yang had wrapped Gurneau into his chest and opened the door while armed with the shotgun. Gurneau seemed to have been forced to hold a revolver that she can be seen dropping as he opened the door after telling the woman he loved her and he’d ‘see her on the other side.’

Authorities can be heard screaming “show me your hands” followed by a shot and two other shots. The video was stationary on a presumed laptop that was behind a footstool sitting near the floor. The fatal shooting cannot be seen but can be heard. The apprehension of the woman can be heard on the video.

Blood can be seen on the stairs and railing of the outside the North Minneapolis house where authorities fatally shot a man on April 27, 2023. Photo contributed by Chris Juhn.
What appears to be a shotgun is seen under the table. The weapon is similar to the one held by the person who was killed by FBI agents on April 27, 2023 in North Minneapolis. Photo contributed by Chris Juhn.

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