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Marvin Haynes Exonerated and Released From Prison After 19 Years

Minneapolis, MN — In a historic ruling, Hennepin County Judge William Koch vacated Marvin Haynes’ murder conviction, dismissed his charges with prejudice, and ordered his release from prison where he was sentenced to serve life. Haynes walked out of MCF-Stillwater as an exonerated man into…

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Ten Years After Terrance and Ivan Killed by Minneapolis Police

Minneapolis, MN — On May 10, 2013, Minneapolis Police killed two people in the span of 30 minutes. Terrance ‘Mookie Moe’ Franklin, 22, was hunted, cornered and gunned down with ten shots, including five bullets to the head. Thirty minutes later, Ivan Romero-Oliveras, 24, was…

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Fourth Killer of George Floyd Found Guilty

Minneapolis, MN — Almost a full three years after Minneapolis Police killed George Floyd, the final court case of the four officers involved is nearing an end after Tou Thao was found guilty of aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter. Thao remains in custody and faces…

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Federal Agents Kill Man in North Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN — A standoff that reportedly started at dawn with a man barricaded in a house ended around noon on April 27 when federal agents killed him as he exited his home armed. Community member and independent media maker Ben Bump live streamed from…

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Marvin Haynes’ Family and Supporters Demand His Release from Prison

Minneapolis, MN — “We are asking for his immediate release!” Cynthia Haynes demanded passionately, calling for her brother’s release from prison while holding two signs – one read “Free Marvin Haynes Now,” the other, “Justice 4 Marvin Haynes.” As the case of Marvin Haynes starts…

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Minneapolis Teachers Union, Cops Battle Over Student Recruitment

Minneapolis, MN – A Minneapolis Public Schools teacher talked to Unicorn Riot about the Minneapolis Police Department’s (MPD) newly created PEACE Recruitment Program and the teachers union’s recent decision to oppose it.

“The police are desperate now and they’re coming for our kids.”
Minneapolis Public…

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​​The Case of Marvin Haynes – Part One

Minneapolis, MN – The grainy surveillance camera footage shows a small interrogation room—fifteen-by-fifteen, white walls, short cut-pile dark carpet, circular table, and a blue swivel chair. A door on the far wall stands open to the hallways and cubicles beyond. The date in the corner…

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NYE Misdemeanor Riot Charges Taken to Trial

Minneapolis, MN – Two years after being arrested during a New Year’s Eve noise demo and charged with misdemeanor riot, one person has taken her case to trial this week in which her supporters are calling on the broader community for court support. [UPDATE: Justina…

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Masses of Minneapolis Police Swarm Tyre Nichols Protest Before it Starts

Minneapolis, MN – Dozens of Minneapolis Police cars from all five precincts, including SWAT officers, bike patrol, undercovers and a Minnesota State Patrol helicopter, suppressed a lightly attended protest for Tyre Nichols before it could start.

Nichols, a 29-year-old photographer and father of one, was…

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Dozens of Police Evict Quarry Encampment

Minneapolis, MN – After providing a safer community for unhoused residents in Minneapolis for more than a year, the Quarry encampment was evicted during a large-scale police operation on Friday, Dec. 30, 2022. About a dozen people were displaced from the eviction, the majority of…

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Supporting Victims and Reinvestigating Police Crimes: Communities United Against Police Brutality

Since its founding, CUAPB has acted as a clearinghouse for scrutiny of Minnesota law enforcement. The nonprofit has organized police oversight pushes, streets copwatch programs, a 24-hour hotline, and an online database of police officer complaints, among dozens of other projects. And their efforts are ever-expanding – the group recently formed the Stolen Lives Justice Fund, a new Reinvestigations Workgroup and a Data Practices Workgroup. 

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Minneapolis Energy Bills and Taxes Funding Tim Michels’ Right-Wing Candidacy in Wisconsin

Minneapolis, MN – The Michels Corporation, headed by Trump-endorsed Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels, has contracts with the City of Minneapolis and an exclusive contract with CenterPoint Energy to service gas lines in Minneapolis, which raises concerns for residents.  

In 2015, Minneapolis resident DeCourcy Squire…