Surfing Santas in Gaza Welcome a New Year of ‘Prosperity and Happiness’

Gaza Strip, Palestine – Young people dressed as Santa Claus and put on a watershow on the seashore of Gaza City to the mark the new year of 2023. Surfers dressed in red were towed by speedboats off the Gaza coast and said they were there to bring a message of hope, happiness and prosperity.

The Palestinian Sailing and Rowing Federation organized the festive event which was attended by dozens of surfers and swimmers. Participants said that celebrating in this way in Gaza sends messages of peace to the whole world and that the city is capable of creating hope.

Mohamed Ghanem, one of the surfers who dressed as Santa Claus, said he hopes the new year will be one of “prosperity and happiness for all.” He said the show’s message is that “everyone has hope and that this year will be a year of goodness and happiness.”

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