DU Jewish Students in Support of Gaza Solidarity Encampment Claim Misrepresentation by Administration

Denver, CO — It has been 10 days since students at the University of Denver (DU) set up an ongoing Gaza solidarity encampment, in part, to demand the university divests from Israel. On May 19, the students held a press conference to shed light on misrepresentations and restrictions.

Students with the DU chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace spoke on the university’s “failure to consider the entire student body, only prioritizing the voices of the Zionist sect of Judaism on campus” and how the Jewish students who support the encampment are “continually being overlooked and misrepresented by upper administration and peers,” according to the encampment’s media representatives.

The administration’s restrictions on protest locations and staff involvement were also discussed. Fourteen students are on location restrictions as of this morning, according to a speaker at the press conference.

Tune into our live coverage of Sunday’s press conference below:

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