Palestine Coverage – Latest Unicorn Riot Stories from Palestine and Pro-Palestine Protests

For years, Unicorn Riot has delivered crucial reporting on the struggle in Palestine. From the frontlines in Gaza and the occupied West Bank to actions around the globe protesting against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, you can find all UR coverage related to Palestine on this page.

Our latest three stories about Palestine appear directly below. Dozens of other stories spanning several years appear on this page organized by topic, including pro-Palestine protests, coverage from Gaza, and coverage from the West Bank. These topics are organized by year, and you can access each category through the above table of contents.

For our trove of media published before October 7, 2023, visit the links in the Table of Contents above.

Six months into Israel’s historically violent war on Gaza following the October 7 attacks, over 33,000 Palestinians have been killed, at least 25,000 of the killed being women and children. Mass protests against the deadly acts have occurred across the world and over 50 countries have stated to the International Court of Justice that Israel’s actions amount to genocide.

Frontlines of the War on Gaza

See Unicorn Riot coverage from the frontlines of the war on Gaza starting with the most recent footage and ending the section with October coverage:

Ongoing War Crimes: Israel Targets Journalists, Aid Workers, Civilians in Gaza – April 13, 2024

Israel Kills International Aid Workers, Over 220 Humanitarians in Six Months of War on Gaza – April 3, 2024

Doctor Speaks on Two-Week Israeli Siege on Shifa Hospital – April 1, 2024

Palestinian Families Seek Bodies of Relatives After Israel Withdraws From Shifa Hospital Massacre – April 1, 2024

Israeli Air Strike on Hospital Camp Kills 4, Injures 17, including 7 Journalists – March 31, 2024

Palestinians in Gaza React to United Nations Ceasefire Resolution – March 25, 2024

Palestinian Children Are Displaced From Bombings Across Gaza – March 25, 2024

Palestinian Christians in Gaza Pray for Peace on Palm Sunday – March 25, 2024

Starving Palestinians in Gaza Scramble for Aid Drops – March 20, 2024

Gaza War Spillover: Lebanon’s Silent Displacement Crisis – Feb. 6, 2024

Palestinians Forced to Flee Khan Younis, Come Under Fire by Israeli Military – Feb. 1, 2024

Palestinian Paints Murals on Rubble Amid War on Gaza – Jan. 23, 2024

Lions Face Starvation in Gaza’s Last Remaining Zoo – Jan. 17, 2024

Maghazi Massacre: Israel Kills Over 100 Civilians in Christmas Eve Bombing – Dec. 27, 2023

Gaza-Based Unicorn Riot Contributor Speaks on Israel Bombing His Home – Nov. 14, 2023

Over 10,500 Killed in One Month as Israel Continues its War on Palestine – Nov. 10, 2023

Hamas Attacks, Israel Responds: Thousands Dead in New War – Oct. 15, 2023

Pro-Palestine Protests Since October 2023

See Unicorn Riot coverage from some of the massive pro-Palestine protests since the recent war on Gaza started from Minneapolis to the Hague. The published media is in order of most recent and goes back to October 2023.

Google Employees Sit-In to Protest ‘Project Nimbus’ AI Tech Contract With the Israeli MilitaryApril 16, 2024

Amazon Blocked, Wells Fargo Windows Smashed on Day of Action for Palestine in Minnesota – April 15, 2024

Pro-Palestine Activists Attempt to Block Workers from Entering Arms Manufacturer in Charlotte – April 15, 2024

Philly March for Palestine Protests Against Israel – April 13, 2024

Palestine Supporters in Philadelphia Block Day & Zimmermann Weapons Company Entrances – April 10, 2024

Palestinian Solidarity Activists Attack Downtown Berlin Weapons Industry Targets – March 20, 2024

Protesters Blockade Weapons Manufacturer in Plymouth MN in Solidarity with Palestine – Feb. 8, 2024

London: 200,000 Protesters March Against Israel’s War on Gaza – Jan. 16, 2024

Palestine Supporters Rally Outside Biden/Shapiro Fundraiser in Philly – Dec. 13, 2023

Blockade Protest Disrupts Raytheon at University of Arizona Tech Park – Dec. 5, 2023

Calls for Israel Boycotts, Ceasefire Disrupt Black Friday Shoppers – Nov. 24, 2023

Pro-Palestinian Activists Take Over Amsterdam Central Station – Nov. 16, 2023

Hundreds Rally Outside Colorado-Based Defense Contractor, Call for Divestment and Accountability – Nov. 16, 2023

Die-In at Raytheon Compound in Tucson Calls Out Complicity in Gaza – Nov. 5, 2023

National ‘Free Palestine’ Protest in DC – Nov. 4, 2023

Mass Protest in The Hague Calls Out Israeli War Crimes – Nov. 1, 2023

Supporters of Palestinians Rally in Philadelphia – Oct. 28, 2023

Pro-Palestine Protest Attacked in Minneapolis – Oct. 22, 2023

Anti-Zionist Jews Hold Solidarity Shiva for Palestinian and Israeli Lives Lost – Oct. 10, 2023

Other reporting on the War on Gaza

Resisting Starvation in Gaza – March 18, 2024

American Alternate Reality of the Gaza Genocide – Dec. 15, 2023

Islamophobia and the Weaponization of Antisemitism – Nov. 15, 2023

Palestine Can’t Afford Silence – Nov. 5, 2023

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