Denver Migrant Encampment Faces Further Displacement, Auraria Campus Palestine Solidarity Camp Grows [Press Conference]

Denver, CO — On Friday afternoon, members from the unhoused migrant community, alongside organizers with Housekeys Action Network Denver (HAND), Colorado Palestinian Coalition (CPC), and Students for a Democratic Society hosted a press conference about an impending sweep of the encampment on May 8 and about the parallels with the newly established Palestine solidarity student encampment at the Auraria Campus.

According to a social media post by HAND and CPC, the migrant camp has faced police harassment “while seeking more stable opportunities in a racist and unwelcoming political landscape.” The post compares the experiences of the unhoused encampment to “the foreboding threat the students at the Auraria protest camp are simultaneously facing while defending the rights of Palestinians to exist – and of course, the continued displacement and persecution of Palestinian lives in Gaza.”

Watch the press conference below:

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