A Guide To Patriot Front’s Leaked Media Files

USA – On January 21, 2022, Unicorn Riot released a data leak of over 400 GB of files from inside the American neo-nazi group Patriot Front, mostly in the form of photos and videos members took documenting their own activities. All the leaked files can be browsed at vault.unicornriot.ninja/patriotfrontleaks or downloaded as a .torrent here. (Make sure to also check out our original report on the Patriot Front leak; you can browse their leaked RocketChat messaging servers here.)

[Patriot Front began in late 2017 as a splinter group of the violent fascist organization Vanguard America, which began to implode after it was tied to Charlottesville car attack murderer James Alex Fields. Its 22-year-old leader, Thomas Rousseau, lives in the group’s current headquarters in Haslet, TX. Leading Patriot Front (and requiring members to purchase official stickers, flyers and other materials from him personally) appears to be Rousseau’s only source of income as he claims to be otherwise unemployed.]

The Patriot Front leak shows members engaging in combat training, vandalizing racial justice murals, burning stolen LGBTQ+ pride flags, and making nazi salutes. The extensive photos and video annotated below also offers a fine grain level of detail about the group’s chapters operating locally in states across the USA.

Below is a detailed guide providing an overview of the leaked media archives sent over Mega.nz amongst Patriot Front members and leadership, with summaries and highlights for each folder. Each section title links to the named folder inside the leaked archive hosted at vault.unicornriot.ninja/patriotfrontleaks.

Additional resources: Recordings & Transcripts of 22 Leaked Patriot Front Meetings • Chat records on our DiscordLeaks platformOur Far-right Investigations Desk page • 2018 Report on Patriot Front

10-10-2021 – Stencils – Palisade CO

  • Summary: 34 images and 7 videos of stencils and spray paint. Videos show two white men painting while a third person records. They are under an overpass in a grassy area.
    • One Patriot Front member wears an Active Club hoodie and the other has a Will2Rise shirt – both refer to neo-nazi lifestyle brands tied to Robert Rundo, leader of the violent neo-nazi Rise Above Movement (RAM).
    • One stencil reads ‘LIFE. LIBERTY. VICTORY’ with Patriot Front’s website URL. The other is just Patriot Front’s symbol. Red and blue spray paint are used. A third shows a diagonal Celtic cross, a known white nationalist symbol, with a link to the Will2Rise Telegram page. The fourth stencil in the video shows another Celtic cross, this time on a nordic style ship. 
    • In clip MVI_0066.MP4, you can hear the camera person saying “oh yeah, this looks good.

10-10-2021 – Workout & Drilling – Grand Junction CO

  • Summary: 39 videos show 8 Patriot Front members doing military marching exercises and group calisthenic training in a public park in Grand Junction, CO as children play soccer in the background. At some points they appear to have difficulty discerning right from left. Patriot Front members seen in these drilling videos include ‘Calvin CO‘, Patriot Front regional Network Director ‘Ben CO.’ and ‘Wilson CO‘ aka William Planer, a well-known violent neo-nazi involved in incidents where anti-racists were beaten and stabbed. Planer is also a former member of the defunct neo-nazi Traditionalist Worker Party.


  • Summary: 29 items showing boxing training in Purgatory Chasm State Reservation in Sutton, Mass. Many of the videos show live round sparring lasting 1 minute each with gloves on, no headgear, and some faces revealed in many of the videos.
    • IMG_1520.MOV shows several Patriot Front members’ faces as their masks fall down while boxing.
    • IMG_1536 shows propaganda fliers being left inside trail maps at the park’s info station.
    • IMG_1537.MOV shows 3 masked Patriot Front members wheatpasting a “better dead than red” poster with the group’s URL at bottom onto an electrical box outside a Bank of America brnch. The last image shows the wheatpaste from street view.


  • Summary: Mostly videos showing a banner drop over an expressway. 3 masked Patriot Front members work on the banner drop while one member records video.
    • 2021-11-21 11.46.29.mov shows a Patriot Front member giving the ‘OK’ hand signal to the camera.
    • 2021-11-21 11.52.38.mov shows the banner from the street level. It reads “better dead than red” with Patriot Front’s website url.
    • Folder labeled ‘Stencil’ features photos and video of the same group painting a stencil under an expressway that reads “Patriot Front” with an image of a Patriot Front member wearing a hat.

2021-11 Action Report – NW9

  • Summary: Folders titled Hampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach show Patriot Front street propaganda around the state of Virginia.
    • VID_20211118_232337_347.mp4 shows a LED traffic sign altered to display Patriot Front’s website URL. The folder titled Virginia Beach contains video with more of the same.
    • 20211114_070900.mp4 shows masked Patriot Front members placing a banner on an overpass walkway above a highway. The banner reads ‘Reclaim America.’
  • Patriot Front’s drills show techniques for shield holding in columns of four.
  • 2021-11-20_13.17.45.mov shows active drilling with someone playing an ‘agitator’ role for the training group. The person playing that role has a shaved head and boots with white laces, attire commonly associated with the white power ‘bonehead’ (racist skinhead) mileu.
  • 2021-11-20_13.44.51.mov shows a Patriot Front member failing to execute a ‘farmer’s carry’.
  • In 20211120_130642.mp4, names are shouted: “Chris… Patrick… Ben”. These presumably are the names of the persons closest to the camera who is responding by leading the column back.

2021-11-06 Drilling and Sparring

  • Summary: 185 items. Photos and some videos of pad holding and boxing drills in rain and hail. 2 members waving the colonial US 13-star ‘Betsy Ross’ flags in the back of most videos. This older version of the US flag has more recently become associated with ‘racial supremacy’ groups,” according to the NAACP.
    • WA_DSCF3235.MOV shows two Patriot Front members getting pelted with rain and hail while holding Betsy Ross flags.

Abandoned Prison Camp MA Mural

  • Summary: Stenciling in a heavily graffitied area
    • VID_20211024_105919.mp4 shows Patriot Front members covering up a tag that says ‘gay rights’ (the cameraman also comments on noticing the pro-gay message.) They cover the tag with white paint and then spray a stencil over it to make it illegible.

Abilene Posters

  • Summary: Videos and photos dated October 30, 2021 show Patriot Front members wheatpasting up the group’s official propaganda posters on poles and electric boxes in Abilene, TX. Cameraman says “I’ve done this before, and I know we can’t be real slow with this.” Faces are uncovered in videos.
Patriot Front members applying adhesive to an electrical box before putting up neo-nazi propaganda posters in Abilene, TX on October 30, 2021.

Adam IN

  • Summary:  Two close up face photos. Face is covered with white mask.


  • Summary: Videos of train graffiti stenciling. One Patriot Front member is wearing sandals in the train yard. Last few videos in this set depict sticker application. One member covers a sticker that says ‘PANSY SIGHT’.


Summary: Videos at the 2021 American Renaissance conference on November 12-14 at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee. The videos mostly feature Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau as well as ‘Lucca Corgiat’ of the fascist propaganda group Media2Rise. (‘Corgiat’ was recently identified as Allen Michael Goff, a former Identity Evropa member and participant in Montana’s white power movement who once was arrested for shooting a Latino teenager.)

  • P1000321.MP4, P1000322.MP4, P1000323.MP4, P1000324.MP4, P100035.MP4 show Allen Goff aka ‘Lucca Corgiat’ of Media2Rise introducing the first day of the event from outside. Multiple takes of the same script follow a couple of his videos in this folder.
  • P1000330.MP4, P1000331.MP4, P1000332.MP4, P1000333.MP4, P1000334.MP4“they’re expecting to have 200 people” at the conference. Shows inside of the empty conference room.
  • P1000341.MP4 shows Allen Goff/’Lucca Corgiat’ showing off the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation mobile command center parked outside the conference.
  • P1000344.MP4, P1000345.MP4, P1000346.MP4, P1000347.MP4, P1000348.MP4 show Goff/’Corgiat’ and a cameraman driving to the conference site and going through a police checkpoint.
  • P1000352.MP4 – cameraman asks if they expect any celebrities to show up to protest the event. At 1:23, Goff/’Corgiat’ says “we’re not sure who’s going to show up but we do expect key figures of the anti-free speech, anti-white movement…” 
  • P1000353.MP4 / P1000354.MP4 – shows Rousseau, Goff/’Corgiat’ & co. filming their own car driving around the state park.
  • P1000358.MP4 – American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor kicks off the conference. He says protestors outside of the event are now outside a body of water instead of across the road as in previous years. He gives introductory remarks to the conference in P1000359.MP4, P1000360.MP4, and P1000361.MP4.
    • Jared Taylor says that racist writer Colin Flaherty could not make the conference due to cancer. Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center once wrote that by publishing Flaherty, American Thinker — where he has an extensive archive — had “sunk to the bottom of the racist barrel.” Flaherty then died in early 2022.
  • P1000364.MP4– Jared Taylor introduces white supremacist and misogynist commentator F. Roger Devlin, who has written about “the role of envy in racial conflict.” Devlin’s talk runs through the files P1000365.MP4, P1000366.MP4, P1000367.MP4, P1000368.MP4, P1000369.MP4, P1000370.MP4, P1000371.MP4, P1000372.MP4, and P1000373.MP4.
  • P1000384.MP4 –  Rousseau and Goff/’Corgiat’ walk down to the anti-protest barricade outside the conference and try to talk with anti-racist activist Daryl Lamont Jenkins who is in the group protesting outside the conference perimeter. A yelling confrontation continues between antifascists and Goff/’Corgiat’ for the remainder of the video.
  • P1000385.MP4 – Jared Taylor and Goff/’Corgiat’ are lamenting about the antifascist protesters outside of the conference.
  • P1000389.MP4 – The fascists making the videos go back inside the conference where conference speaker Michelle Malkin complains about “wokeness” among Asian Americans. Malkin’s speech continues through files P1000390.MP4, P1000391.MP4, and P1000392.MP4.
  • P1000396.MP4 – Allen Goff/’Lucca Corgiat’ seated resort interview with Jared Taylor begins: “An opportunity for other racially conscious white people to talk about OUR movement.”
  • P1000398.MP4 – “What factors into your opinion on the future of ‘white identity politics’?“The reaction of those who oppose it….”
    • “I want the AMREN conference to be something that inspires white people to work courageously and in a dedicated way to their own interest.”– Jared Taylor
      • “One of the benefits of Trump is that he caused the fault lines to be so clearly drawn… [which] made the Left show its fangs in an unambiguous way…”
      • “Since 2020, with this heightened assertion of the inherent evil of whites… it’s driving people into our arms… and that is a good thing”
  • P1000401.MP4– “You don’t have to be the great aryan warrior pumping your chest, not from the start…. Get an education, make a family, establish yourselves and make money for our movement…
    • “Increasingly, as the shrillness of the attacks on whites surmounts, it’ll be more and more possible for white people to apply for local office… county commissioner, city council, schools… you can have a big impact simply running and some of these offices you could probably win. That is an important kind of activism.” -Taylor
  • P1000402.mp4“If we do things carefully, soberly, we can build institutions that are self-sustaining in a financial way, so that if you do lose your jobs then there are other places where we can work.”–  Taylor
  • P1000403.mp4 – Jared Taylor says that supporting Donald Trump gave him a ton of publicity in the media.
  • P1000404.mp4“The reactions of ordinary white parents to CRT [critical race theory] in schools is one of the first times that white people in decades said ‘hold on’ and are acting in their own interestswe have to take that momentum and move it forward… demanding an ability to express a preference for our people, the rights to associate with ourselves. All of that could build on that anti-CRT movement.” – Jared Taylor
  • Hotel room interview with Jared Taylor continues until P1000408.MP4
  • P1000418.MP4 “We’re halfway through the conference. Antifascist protesters have left.”
  • P1000419.MP4 – Continues conference with Jared Taylor speaking until P1000433.MP4
  • P1000424.MP4“There’s nothing that makes me angrier than some Indian… some dot Indian immigrant from India who tells me how glad we white people should be that those folks showed up… that we should say thank you for diversity…” – Jared Taylor
  • P1000433.MP4 opens with a panel of speakers. “I want to talk about the legacy of Donald Trump…”
  • P1000441.MP4 – new speaker on podium. “…. organize, run for office… You have to do something!”
  • P1000442.mp4“You may be saying to yourself , ‘well its just an accident that i was born white’. No, every single thing in the universe had to happen exactly as it did for you to be who you are.” 
  • P1000447.MP4– short clip of Jared Taylor’s closing remarks. He asks the audience to imagine the impact if members of the white supremacist movement were in Congress and the Oval Office.

Arkansas Promat November 23, 2021

  • Summary: Sticker application/street propaganda
    • VID_20211114_104303.mp4– While putting a racist sticker up at a McDonalds drive-thru, Patriot Front members are asked if they need their order taken.

Aurora Ave Seattle WA

  • Summary: Two photos of an overpass banner that reads ‘America First.’

Aurora CO Activism

  • Summary: 6 videos showing wheatpasting on the side of various roads, on electrical boxes and over one bus advertisement. Masked Patriot Front members can be heard talking throughout.
    • 20211029_213848.mp4“After we leave you can turn on the light, that way the evidence is with us and the cameraman is scot free, and don’t say anything to police.”

  • Summary: Videos of banner deployment using zip ties and rope over expressway that reads ‘revolution is our tradition’ with Patriot Front’s website URL .
A Patriot Front member shown hanging a banner from an overpass in a leaked video.

  • Summary: 3 videos depict a banner drop over an expressway in broad daylight. Four masked Patriot Front members are involved with two cameramen present. Banner reads ‘America First.’

Belton posters 11-01-21

  • Summary: 6 images depicting PF propaganda wheatpaste.

Blue Springs, MO. banner drop

  • Summary: 17 items showing 3 Patriot Front members dropping a banner over an overpass as a fourth member films them from street level. The fascists then hold road flares over the banner. The last few photos depict the three masked neo-nazis holding their fists over their hearts.

Bolivar, MO banner drop

  • Summary: First three videos record banner drop over overpass. Last three just show the banner from the street view, then from inside a car.

Brockton December 12 2021 (Brockton, Massachusetts)

  • Summary: 12 videos and 1 photo show masked Patriot Front members painting over a Black Lives Matter mural on the side of the Champion Ice Cream shop at 113 Legion Parkway in downtown Brockton, MA on December 12, 2021. One person is heard calling to ‘Tyler.’ Patriot Front members ‘Philip MA‘ & Patriot Front Network 7 Quartermaster Brian D. Harwood of Brewster, MA, AKA ‘Henry MA‘ messaged each other on RocketChat about the plan to deface this mural (1, 2, 3, 4). Patriot Front also created an official document outlining the plan.
Videos and photos dated December 12, 2021 and shared inside Patriot Front show masked members defacing a Black Lives Matter mural in Massachusetts, covering much of the mural over with white paint before spray painting a stencil of Patriot Front’s slogan ‘Reclaim America.’ Seen on the right wearing a white face mask is Patriot Front Network 7 Quartermaster Brian D. Harwood of Brewster, MA, AKA ‘Henry MA

Burien WA Banner

  • Summary: 2 images, 8 videos depicting banner drop over overpass. 4 Patriot Front members deploy the banner with 1 cameraman documenting. They use zipties to hold the banner to the walkway overpass along with hose clamps.
    • WA_DSCF3110.MOV shows a Patriot Front member getting cut on a fence while climbing down – “I have my tetanus shot, keep filming.

C Man (Joffre Cross)

  • Summary: 28 items showing a gathering of unmasked Patriot Front members and their girlfriends/wives, as well as martial arts training. Some of the photos and video were taken on September 9, 2017 at Veterans Park in College Station, TX. Others show Patriot Front members training at a martial arts gym on September 30, 2017.
    • Videos show Brazilian jiu-jitsu style sparring and training. No one is wearing masks.
    • One photo shows a young child making the Nazi salute alongside Patriot Front members holding making up the ‘OK’ hand signal.
In a leaked photo (September 9, 2017) of Patriot Front members posting with flags, a child of approximately 11 years old can be seen giving a Nazi salute (at left). Photo taken inside the American Pavilion at Veterans Park in College Station, TX
  • Next two photos show training inside of an actual gym, and then videos of Brazilian jiu jitsu instruction. Judging by an image on the wall of gym, they appear to be in Houston, Texas. 
  • Cross_Media-20.mov shows about 18 Patriot Front members gearing up with helmets, sticks, flags and matching outfits inside of a parking garage on November 3, 2017. It seems to be in preparation for a march or demonstration. Photos also show the sane group with what appear to be torches and American flags in military formation.

Calvin CO to Mason TX on 12-15-21

  • Summary: Appears to be a body camera video of someone hitting a snare drum while Patriot Front marches in Washington, DC. The video is over 40 minutes long and is aimed downwards mostly showing people’s feet walking.
    • A second video file entitled ‘Mason dance‘ shows Patriot Front member Graham Jones Whitson aka ‘Mason TX‘ dancing in front of a large group of Patriot Front members drilling in marching formations.

Capitol Hill Seattle

  • Summary:  Graffiti stenciling over circle-A’s and iron front (anti-facsist) ‘three arrows’ symbols. One Black Lives Matter sticker is covered with a Patriot Front sticker.

Carter MO Speech

  • Summary: A video taken October 23, 2021 features Patriot Front Network 12 Director Luke Paule aka ‘Carter MO‘ speaking in the dark with a flashlight, reading a written speech. “Through passion and labor we created Network 12. We span from southern Illinois to eastern Kansas…” Paule talks about his process joining Patriot Front and goes on to mention two members and their geographical locations:
    • “Kyle Missouri joined a month after me…has gone from stickering downtown to scaling up billboards and leading our stenciling team.”
    • “Randolph Illinois, someone I knew years before becoming associated in this community.“

Centennial CO stencil

  • Summary: Patriot Front members spray paint the group’s stencils on columns under a highway. One design features a skull with bombs for its eyes with Patriot Front’s URL.

Colchester VT Banner

  • Summary: 2 videos. One shows a Patriot Front banner from the street view. The other shows deployment of the banner over an overpass at night. Patriot Front members hold lit road flares while deploying the banner.


  • Summary: Video shows Patriot Front members covering up a pro-abortion mural on Crema Coffee in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood with white paint. They then spray paint Patriot Front’s official stencil designs onto it, including two fasces, a symbol famously chosen by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to represent fascism as an ideology.
  • MVI_0001.MP4 is dark with nothing visible but features the voices of Patriot Front members approaching the mural – “Oh shit, there’s a person there. Just make sure it’s not a cop. Let’s let Ben get a little ahead.
  • MVI_0002.MP4 shows Patriot Front members covering the mural and applying stencils with spray paint.
  • MVI_0003.MP4 shows one PF member giving the ‘OK’ hand signal as they walk away from the scene.


  • Summary: drilling_draft1.mp4 is a 10 minute long how-to re: shield tactics and formations for marches which includes a time stamp table of contents in the intro. sample2.mp4 shows a video montage of news footage laced with footage of Patriot Front members defacing Black Lives Matter murals and spray painting stencils.
  • Contents of drilling_draft1.mp4 include: Shields lockstep formation, shields moving as a section, shields cycling as a row, shields cycling as a column, locking arms defensively, carrying injured men, synchronized marching. Patriot Front members are shown drilling with their faces uncovered.
  • Denver_CO-Stenciling_10-12-2021 folder features two photos showing Patriot Front stencils sprayed over top of Black Lives Matter graffiti.

Dallas Stencil

  • Summary: The first video (04:32) is footage taken by a Patriot Front member from outside a Penske box truck when they were detained by Philadelphia police on the evening of July 7, 2021, along Delaware avenue near Spruce Street. The video shows police frisking Patriot Front members and asking if they have weapons before ordering them to sit on the curb. Patriot Front members are all wearing khaki pants, blue shirts and white masks. Local news outlets reported that the fascists were run out of town by Philadelphians shortly after beginning their nighttime march.
  • The third video in this folder (GH010067.MP4) shows Patriot Front Texas members including Kieran Morris aka ‘Patrick TX‘ and Graham Jones Whitson aka ‘Mason TX‘ accessing a Dallas, TX railroad overpass with active trains on it. They went on to spray paint stencils on the side of the rail overpass to spell out Patriot Front’s website where it would be visible to car traffic crossing below. Four photos also included in this folder show the completed stencil of Patriot Front’s website tagged onto the train bridge as visible from the road below. The metadata on the video files appear to have incorrect dates; the metadata on photos from this set suggest Morris and Whitson’s vandalism on the bridge took place on September 26, 2021.

  • Summary: Videos in subfolders labelled ‘phone‘ and ‘gopro‘ both feature a Patriot Front member walking around in the rain in October 2021, appearing to scout the route for the march the group later held on December 4 of the same year. The member making the videos describes potential logistics and staging plans for their December march while filming the street in DC. “This is facing west on memorial avenue near Arlington…”. More videos go on to show the Arlington Memorial bridge and Lincoln memorial and continue on to the Washington Monument.
    • The final video in the ‘phone’ folder, 20211016_161138.mp4: “We’re on the Supreme Court side of the building. The idea is that we’ll start the march here… it’ll be way easier to get three trucks emptied out on this street. Get it all formed up, and get it going.”
  • The folder dc 2020-02-08 contains body camera footage which shows Patriot Front members marching in DC on February 8, 2020. (News report)
    • GH010031.MP4 – Patriot Front members are holding long-pole Betsy Ross 13-star and Patriot Front logo American flags, stopping to give speeches behind a line of bicycle cops.At 4:50 they start calling for shields and begin marching again
      • At 5:08 “I feel like Rosa Parks outside of the African American history museum.” “I feel like Martin Luther King, Jr. right now.”
      • 11:35 lots of heckling of PF from counter-protesters. “Yeah, tighten up you look like idiots!” “Good job boys.”
      • 14:00 “so you’re just taking a video of the guys in front of you with your gopro…. That’s boring.” 
    • GH020031.MP4 – more marching continues along the route, with counter-protestors following and bicycle cop barriers between the two.8:30: The Patriot Front march splits off to go towards a field and leave the fenced walkway.
      • They walk to the Washington monument being heckled by counter-protestors the entire time, sometimes chanting “life liberty victory.”
    • GH030031.MP4 – more marching from where the camera stopped at the Washington Monument. This 17+ min. video shows more marching, heckling and being protected by a line of bike cops.
    • GH040031.MP4 – shows the march continuing towards the Capitol building.

dc event 4

  • Summary: 28 photos taken at the campsite where Patriot Front members slept and drilled before their December 4, 2021 march in Washington, DC. The photos show their camping area, parking, license plates, shield distribution, and lots of uncovered faces. Last photos show a staging formation with their banner in a field.

DC March – sent by Logan CA to Thomas on 12-06-2021

  • Summary: 451 media items showing the aforementioned campsite, staging, parking, uncovered faces, then photos of the December 4, 2021 DC march from many angles. It shows them loading and unloading via U-Haul box trucks.
  • IMG_5436.JPG up to IMG_5552.JPG shows Patriot Front members at camp, then IMG_5553.JPG shows them unloading into the DC out of rented U-Haul box trucks.
  • MVI_5414.MP4MVI_5430.MP4 shows airport travel footage. One shot shows a seatback screen of the airplane flying southbound above NYC.
  • MVI_5435.MP4 shows marching practice at the campsite. Faces revealed. Person observing is wearing an ‘Active Club’ hoodie.
  • MVI_5987.MP4– loading back into the U-Haul truck. At one point the cameraman asks the group for another chant and no one responds.

DC March 2

  • Summary:  361 items – mostly photos, this folder shows Patriot Front before and during their December 4, 2021 march in DC.
Patriot Front members train in marching formations before their December 4, 2021 march in Washington, DC. Members in the front two rows are holding metal riot shields decorated with the fascist group’s customized ‘chevron’ stripe insignia.

DC march 3 from Peter CT

  • Summary: More footage and pictures showing training at the Patriot Front campsite before their December 4, 2021 march in DC.
    • Subfolder labeled Training contains videos with practice drills in the camping area before they make it to town. Various shield formations and training activities are shown.
    • Subfolder titled BRoll shows their challenges with making a fire. In the first few videos they are unable to chop the wood, until someone brings in a Sawzall and almost breaks the blade by going in too quickly.


  • Summary: More of the same as previous DC folders from the December 4, 2021 march.
    • Speech subfolder contains a 9 minute clip of Thomas Rousseau speaking to Patriot Front members during the march, at night.
    • Travel subfolder includes a video of Patriot Front members singing ‘What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor’ together while stuffed inside a U-Haul box truck. Many of them have removed their masks by this point.
    • Subfolder titled ‘Waiting’ shows Patriot Front members surrounded by police cars by the Reagan National Airport interstate sign as they wait to load into their rented U-Haul box trucks. The police seem to be asking them some questions but generally have a friendly and protective attitude towards them.

Dec 4th DC Demo from Benjamin MI

  • Summary:  More videos and photos from the December 4, 2021 march in DC. This batch of files includes a different view of members loading out of a U-Haul box truck.
A photo labeled ‘Thomas on Horse’
  • Sam_MI_car.MP4 depicts a Patriot Front member’s car, parked at their ‘vehicle exchange’ for the DC march, with key scratches and paint on it.
  • Returning_to_vehicle_exchange.MP4 shows Patriot Front members returning from their march only to discover nearly all their personal or rented vehicles parked before the march have been damaged and vandalized. This video taken by one Patriot Front member to document the damages to vehicles features the license plates of many of the parked cars.


  • Summary: Stickering over antifascist stickers. Last video depicts a ‘Will2Rise’ sticker saying ‘nationalist lifestyle’ that shows an explicit white power cross.

Downtown Seattle

  • Summary: Masked Patriot Front members put up stencils and graffiti promoting their organization around Seattle, WA.


  • Summary: “Drilling instruction, release 1 Oct 2021: shields, marching, evacuation, and defense: uncensored footage for network directors only.” 
    • 10 minutes of footage. This video is a compilation of drilling footage from throughout this leak, with Patriot Front members unmasked without their faces blurred.


  • Summary: “Drilling Instruction: Marching and Shield Defense. Ver. 2.3- Oct 2021. For internal use only. Do not distribute.” 8 minutes of video. Audio is notated. Faces are blurred, but are seen unblurred in the previous draft.

Eagle Square – sent from Tyler WA to Tyler CT on  11-24-2021

  • Summary: stencil graphic as a .stl file.

Eaton Rapids Oct 9th stenciling and group photos

  • Summary: Patriot Front members use their group’s official stencils in a heavily graffitied area to cover up spray paint that reads ‘Trump 2020’ and depicts a penis. Group photos shows 5 members posing for pictures while holding flags.


  • Summary: 56 videos of drilling instruction and practice at a rented campsite in Texas on October 23, 2021. Patriot Front members are led in the drilling exercises primarily by Thomas Rousseau, Kieran Morris (aka ‘Patrick TX‘) and/or Graham Jones Whitson (aka ‘Mason TX.’) Patriot Front members are shown practicing marching in formation as well as training in shield wall tactics similar to what was used by groups like Vanguard America during fascist street violence in Charlottesville in 2017. Some footage also shows the group eating and socializing inside the campsite’s group dining area.
One Patriot Front member shown drilling in leaked footage wore a shirt depicting the Sonnenrad or ‘black sun’, a symbol associated with Nazi Germany and popular with contemporary neo-nazis.

Enumclaw Stencils

  • Summary: A large ‘Reclaim America’ stencil is applied along with and some smaller Patriot Front stencils in a heavily graffitied area in Enumclaw, WA. 5 Patriot Front members appear to be involved with the graffiti in addition to the one cameraman. One member removed his face mask in some of the photos and video included in this folder.
Patriot Front members putting up neo-nazi graffiti in Enumclaw, WA.

FBI Billboard

  • Summary: Alteration of a FBI ‘Report Hate Crimes’ billboard with a banner that reads “They would make outlaws of patriots and criminals of citizens” with Patriot Front’s website url. The last video in this folder shows the banner deployment; use of PTT radios can be overheard clearly. “Shit, the URL isn’t perfect… you can’t read our website.”

FBI Billboard banner video

  • Summary: One hour and thirty minute video showing the FBI banner alteration from directly under the billboard with some real-time commentary. The cameraman says “We’re pulling it up there, it’s our banner, hell yeah. To victory, brothers!” The video shows that the original FBI billboard said “Protecting our communities TOGETHER. Report hate crimes.”

Federal Way WA Banner

  • Summary: One video and two images of a banner over an overpass with Patriot Front’s website URL.

FL Auburndale Banner Nov

  • Summary: Two photos and two videos of a Patriot Front banner getting attached to a fence around a flea market in Florida.
Two Patriot Front members attaching a banner to a fence in Auburndale, FL.

FL Auburndale Banner TWO Nov

  • Summary: Video shows clear faces of the same two people from the previous folder attaching a Patriot Front ‘America First’ banner to a baseball field fence at Lake Myrtle Park in Auburndale, FL.

FL Davenport Cleanup Nov

  • Summary: Two videos show the same two men from the Auburndale, FL videos cleaning up a park. In the second clip one of the Patriot Front members seems to be having a hard time moving a shopping cart.

FL Haines City Banner Nov

  • Summary: Same two men as in the previous Florida videos, with same third cameraman. It appears to be the same day as the previous videos because they are all wearing the same clothes. A Patriot Front banner is seen hanging off of a barricade/fence next to a sidewalk. They are near a sign demarcating the Loma Vista neighborhood of Haines City, FL.

FL Winter Haven Cleanup Nov

  • Summary: The same two men as in the previous Florida videos are shown picking up trash in a park.

From 4322 Peter CT

  • Summary: 54 items in folder entitled Training_10_17_21 show group calisthenics training while wearing their Patriot Front uniforms and white masks in a park in Hopedale, Mass.
    • P1070091.MP4, P1070092.MP4, P1070093.MP4 and P1070094.MP4 feature masked Patriot Front members reading aloud from a pamphlet. A member shown in P1070094.MP4 is wearing a ‘Rock Against Communism’ shirt. ‘Rock Against Communism’ was a series of white power concerts in the 1970s and 80s held by neo-nazi groups in response to the popular ‘Rock Against Racism’ campaign.
  • Reading continues, mostly inaudible due to wind, until P1070116.MP4 where boxing practice starts. Still masked.
    • The remaining videos show boxing training.
    • P1070120.MP4 shows one member instructing others in how to fold their official Patriot Front jacket, mask and hat neatly.
    • Videos P1070121.MP4 and onward show more practice boxing matches; several members have opted to take their masks off by this point.
    • P1070123.MP4 features a close up shot of one member’s face.
    • P1070125.MP4 and onward show a banner drop over an overpass.

From William OK

  • Summary: 3 Patriot Front members hiking with a dog, no masks. One is wearing a ‘Kaczynski Electric’ hooded sweatshirt. The group poses with a Patriot Front fasces flag. They spray paint stencils on some rocks during their hike.
Patriot Front members in Oklahoma pose for a picture with an official group flag featuring the fasces, a symbol of fascism.


  • Summary: Video footage from Patriot Front marching in DC on January 29, 2021 (not to be confused with their DC march on December 4, 2021.)


  • Summary: Patriot Front members in Georgia stenciling in a heavily graffitied area. Video files dated Sept 17, 2021.
    • MVI_1141.MOV – stickering over a ‘Proud Boys fuck off’ sticker
    • MVI_1143.MOV – Spray painting over over a mural that says ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Stop Asian Hate.’
    • MVI_1163.MOV – One Patriot Front member says the n-word as they drive on the highway to film a banner hung from an overpass.

Idaho – sept ar

  • Summary: Two videos show masked Patriot Front members doing a banner drop.
    • IMG_7151.MP4 – One Patriot Front member says the n-word at 0:18 on their way to the banner drop.


  • Summary: Banner drop over an overpass. Cameraman is heard shouting to PF to “give a wave” afterwards.


  • Summary: Video footage of above mentioned banner taken from inside a car.

James NC to Tyler NC 183344 (1).mp4

  • Summary: 7 minute, 42 seconds video taken on October 12, 2021 in Sylva, NC. Patriot Front members are scoping out the ‘Harriet Tubman – Journey to Freedom’ statue. They make note of nearby security cameras. The traveling statue memorial was hosted by the Jackson County NAACP from Sept. 20 until mid-December 2021.
    • At 5:16 Patriot Front members discuss unplugging the electrical system at the park to disable the security cameras. “Have we considered [cameras] across the street? Think they would reach that far?” “Can we disarm them?” “If everyone’s wearing what we’re supposed to be wearing, then it wouldn’t matter.” One of them is wearing a shirt that reads ‘Legalize Arson’.

Josh NH sparring

  • Summary: Two videos of Patriot Front members sparring with boxing gloves on. They are wearing their masks at first but later take them off.

Kansas – sept ar

  • Summary: Banner drop over an overpass. First two videos are of the banner deployment, last video shows the banner as seen from street level. The banner reads ‘Revolution is Tradition’ with Patriot Front’s website URL.

Kansas City 

  • Summary: Videos and photos show Patriot Front stencils being spray painted at a train station. Some members are shown unmasked.

Kent WA Banner

  • Summary: Two photos show banner from street level, which reads ‘Reclaim America’ with Patriot Front’s website URL. Videos subfolder shows the banner drop and the last video shows the banner as seen from inside a car at street level. There are 5 Patriot Front members involved in addition to the cameraman. They use a 3-step ladder to get the banner over the overpass fence.


  • Summary: Shows Patriot Front leader(and Thomas Rousseau’s roommate) Kieran Morris (aka ‘Patrick TX‘ on RocketChat) spray painting stencils under a bridge.

Life Liberty Victory

  • Summary: .stl design files for one of Patriot Front’s official stencils.

lost and found- sent by Tyler MD 12-21-21

  • Summary: Photos of outdoor gear, sleeping bags, tools and other belongings abandoned or forgotten at Patriot Front’s rented Virginia campsite used during their December 4, 2021 mobilization to Washington, DC.

Manifesto Reading

  • Summary: Video and photos taken on October 29, 2021 show Patriot Front members reading the text of a manifesto in front of Patriot Front flags. They stumble in the beginning of the video. A few group photos also show them posing together in front of their flags.
    • 2021-10-29 19.06.01.mov at 2:12, after the manifesto reading concludes, one Patriot Front member exclaims “Sieg fucking heil! Lets fucking go! I can say that now that it’s over!”

Marcus WA Banner Drop

  • Summary: Patriot Front members hang a banner from an overpass. The first video shows the banner deployment, the second video shows the banner as seen from a car.

Michigan Hike 2021.10.23

  • Summary: Boy Scouts style hike/camping, but with flag burning and also some identifying photos. 3 folders with photos and images. Garbage disposal subfolder features videos of Patriot Front members burning transgender pride flags which seem to have been stolen. In MVI_0207.MP4, while burning a pride flag, one masked member happily remarks “this one doubles as black AND trans.”
    • MVI_0216.mp4 shows Patriot Front members reading from a written manifesto while they burn the flags.
    • In MVI_0219.MP4 the Nazi slogan ‘Blood and Soil’ is sung as the flags burn. “Let our great race not be replaced, for ours is blood and soil.”

Michigan Hike II

  • Summary: More of the same footage and video from the Michigan hike/campout. They’re singing a song to the tune of ‘John Brown’s Body’ as they hike in line. Some masked Patriot Front members posed for group photos.

Michigan Hike Oct 22-24

  • Summary: More photos and video from Patriot Front’s October 2021 hiking trip in Michigan.

Murrell Park OK

  • Summary: A video shows a Patriot Front member spray painting the group’s official fasces stencil design over a communist hammer and sickle symbol that appears to have been carved into a rock.


  • Summary:  NC and SC subfolders correspond to their respective states. NC subfolder features videos showing overpass banner drops that Patriot Front members carried out in Raleigh and Greensboro. The SC subfolder shows banner drops that Patriot Front did in the South Carolina cities of Greensville and Columbia.
A Patriot Front member hangs a banner from a train overpass bride in Raleigh, NC in a video dated October 9, 2021.

NH banner drop

  • Summary:  3 masked Patriot Front members attempt to hang a banner off of overpass fencing.

  • Summary: 81 items. 3 Patriot Front members are in full uniform and white masks hiking through a wooded area and into a graffiti-filled tunnel. Videos then show them using a small Patriot Front stencil with white paint as background to cover up graffiti.
    • IMG_2431.MOV – last few seconds of this clip shows one Patriot Front member pointing to graffiti that says ‘fuck racism’. Later they stencil over it.
    • IMG_2504.MOV and onward are videos showing Patriot Front members doing a banner drop over overpass fencing.
    • IMG_2522.MOV, a video of Patriot Front members in a car driving to take video of their banner from the road, reveals one of their faces in the car’s rear view mirror. The banner was deployed near to a sign reading ‘Blackstone Valley National Corridor NEXT EXIT.’

NW7 October 2021

  • Summary: Many subfolders are labeled with locations and dates. Many of these files show Patriot Front banners being made for banner drops. other photos and videos show sparring and training sessions as well as members wheatpasting posters.
Patriot Front members often use their homes and yards to fabricate banners for banner drops.


  • Summary: Photos and video showing Patriot Front placing putting up stickers, dropping banners and spray painting stencils in various New England states. Patriot Front members are shown covering up pro-trans and antifa stickers as well as a George Floyd poster. Other media in this folder shows hiking trips and sparring training.


  • Summary: Three subfolders show banner drops and stencils in three Massachusetts cities – Bellingham, Franklin, and Sharon.

NW9 October Action Reports

  • Summary: One video shows a Patriot Front sticker being applied to the back of a roadside sign in Virginia.


  • Summary: Three subfolders feature locales in Pennsylvania: Jim Thorpe, Boyertown, and ‘Central PA’.
    • ‘Before’ and ‘after’ photos show Patriot Front vandalized a ‘No Place For Hate’ mural in Boyertown, PA on the night of Tuesday, October 5, 2021. A video taken by Patriot Front also shows members in the act of defacing the mural in the dark. (According to the Pottstown Mercury, a Rita’s Water Ice security camera with a view of the mural was also painted over that same night.)
Patriot Front members vandalizing a ‘No Place For Hate’ mural in Boyertown, PA on the night of October 5, 2021.
  • Some Patriot Front members training to fight in the Sparring-Central-PA folder are occasionally seen without their masks on as their face covers slipped off while wrestling each other. Based on the metadata on the leaked files, this training meetup likely took place on September 26, 2021.

Another Patriot Front member seen in photo and videos in the ‘Central PA Sparring’ folder has been identified by antifascists as Kunkletown, PA resident and masonry contractor Dustin Sargent (he uses the alias ‘Alan PA‘ in Patriot Front’s RocketChat server.)

Patriot Front Pennsylvania member Dustin Sargent aka RocketChat user Alan PA seen in a leaked photo from a September 26, 2021 Patriot Front sparring meetup in central Pennsylvania.

October Action Report draft

  • Summary: Edited highlight video showing a compilation of Patriot Front street actions, mural defacements, banner drops and a lot of spliced footage set to music.

October Activism 2021

  • Summary: Photos and video showing Patriot Front members spray painting stencils (mostly on blank walls) and putting up stickers. Two videos showing the same spray paint stencil incident are labeled as taking place in Reston, VA.

October Michigan Activism

  • Summary: 3 subfolders contain various photo and video shared in earlier folders but sorted by location.


  • Summary: 3 photos and 1 video. The photos show a group of Patriot Front members, mostly unmasked, posing with a banner.
Patriot Front members in Ohio pose with a banner.
Patriot Front member and Network 13 Scribe ‘Michael OH‘ reads a prepared statement about how much he loves being in the neo-nazi organization in a leaked video dated October 30, 2021.

Ohio – sept ar

  • Summary: Four videos. Three show stickers being put up, often over anti-racist stickers. One video shows Ohio members of Patriot Front sparring with boxing gloves on.  

PA Drilling 10-30

  • Summary: 29 photos showing Patriot Front members sparring with boxing gloves on.

PA Posters

  • Summary: Subfolders labeled Feasterville_Trevose, Langhorne, and Levittown show wheatpaste application of Patriot Front propaganda posters over advertisements and signs in outdoor spaces. One or two Patriot Front members can be seen in each video.

 Pat Down

  • Summary: Three videos show Patriot Front members conducting simulated ‘pat downs’ in the woods. The last video shows a gated Confederate soldier statue while the cameraman recites an oath. The ‘pat down’ videos have since become subject to remixes online after Twitter users noticed their apparently sensual overtones.

Postering, Monterey CA, 11

  1. Summary: 2 videos show 3 Patriot Front members putting up propaganda posters.

Potterville MI Oct 9th Stenciling

  • Summary:  3 Patriot Front members wearing masks spray paint stencils onto walls.


  • Summary: A Patriot Front stencil is spray painted onto a wall after pre-existing graffiti was covered over with white paint. 2 masked Patriot Front members are present along with one cameraman.

Reject Poison

  • Summary: .stl stencil design files.

Renton Banner

  • Summary: Four Patriot Front members hang a banner reading ‘America First’ off of an overpass. One of them is wearing a colonial-style corner hat.

Ryan PA

  • Summary: Photos and video of a Patriot Front nature outing trip in Pennsylvania. Videos of hiking, photos of nature plus them reading aloud from a text while seated outdoors.


  • Summary: Two videos show a Columbia, SC deployment of a Patriot Front banner from a highway overpass. One of the men involved is wearing a confederate flag bandana and one has a confederate flag hat. One of the Patriot Front members involved is heard saying “I’m going to wear a mask just because I live in this area.”

Seattle Aurora Banner

  • Summary: 2 photos show a Patriot Front ‘America First’ banner hanging from an overpass.

Seattle I90 Banner

  • Summary: 2 photos show a Patriot Front ‘Reclaim America’ banner hanging over a tunnel.

Sent by Alan MI to Benjamin MI


Sent by Arthur FL to Thomas on 12-07-2021

  • Summary: A word document about the Chosin Reservoir battle during the Korean war which doubles as fascist/anti-communist propaganda. There is a link to a song the author composed on YouTube at the end of the document. The lone video in this folder shows a Patriot Front sticker being placed over a sticker from the environmentalist protest group Extinction Rebellion.

Sent by Benjamin MI to Eric MI on 11-14-2021

  • Summary: Stenciling & stickering videos in folders titled labeled by date & city (in Michigan) –

Sent by Billy Merse TX to Benjamin WI on 12-15-21

  • Summary: Excel ‘Attendance Tracker 2021’ .xlsx spreadsheet file labelled ‘PF NNM MEETING’ with tabs showing attendance records for years 2019-2021. Names of PF members (fake names/aliases for anonymous use within the group) are listed along with dates and attendance code (on fourth page).

Sent by Marcus WA to Mason TX on 11-29-21

  • Summary: Banner drop footage at night on overpass.

Sent by ND – Christopher AL to Mason TX on 12-10-2021

  • Summary: The subfolder Oct 15-17 Training features various drilling videos of members practicing marching, shield tactics, and fireman’s carry.

Sent by ND – Eric PA to Mason TX on 11-21-21

  • Summary: Photos and video showing Patriot Front propaganda posters being put up in New Jersey (Hacketstown and Montclair) and Pennsylvania (Feasterville, Langhorne, Trevose, and Levittown).

Sent by ND – John WA to Mason TX on 11-15-2021

  • Summary: Stencil photos and videos from around Washington state – downtown Seattle, Olympia and banner drops in surrounding areas. Folder of sparring videos & photos labelled WA Tumwater Sparring. WA Tumwater Banner folder shows 8 Patriot Front members doing an overpass banner drop. A lot of the content is redundant from earlier files and just organized here by state.

Sent by ND – Lawrence FL to on 12-07-2021

  • Summary: 172 Screenshots of various neo-nazi Telegram message conversations. Lots of antisemitic content. Messages show one Telegram user defending Patriot Front to other neo-nazis skeptical of their commitment to the white power movement and suspicious that they’re federal agents. Patriot Front getting beat up when they tried to march in Philadelphia is often brought up against them.

Sent by NQ – Henry MA to Tyler CT on 11-22-21

  • Summary: Pictures/videos showing stickers & banner drops in Boston & Worcester in Mass., and in Providence, RI. Also some photos and videos from a hike at Mt. Agamenticus, ME.

Sent by NS – Grant MD to Thomas on 11-30-21

  • Summary: Most of the same content as ‘Ice Cream’ vehicle exchange for December 2021 DC march. Recon info for December 4, 2021 DC march.

Sent by NS – Jason TX to Thomas 11-30-2021  

  • Summary: Two edited .PNG images of Patriot Front members with uniforms and shields for use in official group propaganda.

Sent by NS – Jason TX to Thomas on 12-14-21

  • Summary: ‘Skull and crown’ .PNG image for use in official group propaganda.

Sent by PF-422754 to ND – John WA on 11-13-21

  • Summary: Media from Olympia and Tumwater, WA banner drops. Partially the same content as in ‘Sent by ND – John WA to Mason TX on 11-15-2021.’

Sent by Thomas to editingvideo channel 12-01-2021

  • Summary: 3 videos. Cover up of Milwaukee DSA stickers and ‘fuck honkies’ graffiti. 

Sent by Thomas to NS – Jason TX on 12-14-21

  • Summary: Image of two uniformed Patriot Front members with shields & masks, for use in official group propaganda.

Sent by Thomas to NS – Jason TX on 12-15-21

  • Summary: Image of Patriot Front members with flags and uniforms at DC march in front of the Washington Monument.

Sent by Tyler – SD to Jason NY on 12-01-21

  • Summary: ‘actcounter’ .zip file and folder. Contains .yml files and an inner folder entitled ‘bolt’. One file is named ‘docker compose’.

Sent by Victor MA to Tyler CT on 11-14-2021

  • Summary: Stickering at Fenway – Kenmore, Boston, MA. 1 PF. 20211114_191222.mp4 shows a passerby shouting “go fuck yourselves” and giving the middle finger to Patriot Front members posting up fascist propaganda.

Sent by Walter ID to Mason TX on 11-24-2021

  • Summary: 3 Patriot Front members and 1 cameraman are shown doing a banner drop over an overpass and as well as spray painting stencils in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho on November 11, 2021.

Sent by William OK to Thomas on 11-12-21

  • Summary: Shows a Patriot Front member altering an electronic roadside display to advertise the neo-nazi group. 2021-11-12 20.18.09.mov shows them typing in the Patriot Front URL into the machine.

Sent by William TX to Mason TX on 11-12-2021

  • Summary: Covering up of ‘Patriot Front Fuck Off!’ stickers.


  • Summary: 4 .stl stencil design files for use in Patriot Front’s official propaganda.

Sioux Falls Bike Trail, Sioux Fall, SD

  • Summary: 5 videos showing stickers put up along a Sioux Falls bike trail.

Skykomish WA graffiti Tyler

  • Summary: Photos and videos show Patriot Front stencils being spray painted under a bridge in the rain. One Patriot Front member applies the stencils while another films.

Springfield IL

  • Summary: Leaked photos and video (exif dated Nov. 13-14, 2021) of Patriot Front members stenciling in a heavily graffiti’d tunnel. Five Patriot Front members (including the cameraman who also participated in the spray painting) stenciled ‘Revolution is Tradition’ along with two fasces symbols. One member planning the graffiti before it happens tells the others to paint “over the gay shit.” They then make a point of covering up tags with LGBTQ themes before applying Patriot Front’s official stencil designs to the wall. Later on one member can be heard off-camera saying “I want you to destroy anything that is homosexual in this building.” The young men become particularly excited when they notice the opportunity to cover up a symbol they incorrectly believed to be a Star of David.

Springfield Illinois Stencil

  • Summary: 4 videos of Patriot Front members spray painting stencils (one of them is the same file as in the previous ‘Springfield IL‘ folder.)

St. Louis

  • Summary: Photos of 4 masked Patriot Front members in front of a spray painted stencil that says ‘Revolution is Tradition’ with Patriot Front’s website URL and two fasces symbols.

St. Louis Stencil

  • Summary: One 17 minute video of the spray painting of the stencil shown in the photo op in the previous ‘St. Louis‘ folder. One of the members is heard addressing another as ‘Clark.’


  • Summary: Folders of stencil image files for use in Patriot Front’s official propaganda.

Stockton from Alexander OR

  • Summary: Two videos showing four Patriot Front members hanging a banner over an overpass fence.

Tallaahassee Drilling

  • Summary: 122 items, mostly videos, show Patriot Front members gathering to train, spar, exercise and engage in fascist social indoctrination activities at a campsite in Tallahassee, FL on October 16, 2021.
Patriot Front members watch two of their fellow fascists begin a wrestling match at a campsite in Tallahassee, FL on October 16, 2021. Seen on the right with a white bandana around his neck is Christopher Leblanc AKA Christopher Semok AKA ‘Ryan FL‘ on RocketChat. Leblanc/Semok has also been involved with the antisemitic harassment club called Goyim Defense League as well as the neo-nazi terror group Feuerkrieg Division.

Tallahassee Drilling II

  • Summary: 2 videos, apparently taken at the same campsite on the same date as the previous ‘Tallahassee Drilling‘ folder, show Patriot Front members practicing a ‘fireman carry’ and marching in formation.

Temple Posters

  • Summary: 5 photos and 2 videos show Patriot Front propaganda posters being wheatpasted onto electrical boxes.
    • In 20161231_184013.mp4, one Patriot Front member says “Hey Jason New York, hey Mason, listening to this right now, do you like my jokes?” Another member then says, “On behalf of Network 2 I apologize for Jason’s humor.

Texas – edits

  • Summary: 46 videos of Patriot Front members drilling in synchronized marching, group shield combat tactics and various demonstration roleplay scenarios at their rented campsite in Texas on October 23, 2021.

Texas Action Report

  • Summary: 26 videos dated October 9, 2021 show Patriot Front members boxing each other and reading aloud from an official group propaganda pamphlet – “integrity over optics” can be seen on the page.

Thomas Waukesha, Wisconsin Protest Pics

  • Summary: 60 photos from a neo-nazi rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin. On November 27, 2021, Thomas Rousseau and other Patriot Front members joined the neo-nazi National Justice Party for a demonstration outside the Waukesha County Courthouse. The neo-nazi groups were attempting to exploit deaths from a vehicular attack at a town parade in order to further false narratives about alleged ‘anti-white’ crimes by Black people. Rousseau assisted Allen Goff aka ‘Lucca Corgiat’ of the fascist propaganda group Media2Rise, an arm of Rod Rundo’s Will2Rise, in documenting the event. Known neo-nazis shown at the event in the photos include holocaust denial podcaster Michael Peinovich as well as former Traditionalist Worker Party members Tony Hovater and Kam Musser.

Tumwater WA Sparring

  • Summary: Videos and photos of sparring dated 11-06-21.

Tyler CT to editingphoto channel on 11-25-21

  • Summary:  Pf_photo_name.exe file.

UnitedWeStand2 – – sent from Tyler WA to Tyler CT on  11-24-2021

  • Summary: .stl stencil design files.


  • Summary: 2 videos show 3 Patriot Front members hanging a banner over an overpass.


  • Summary: 59 photos and 4 videos dated November 19, 2021 show Patriot Front members camping and drilling in Zion National Park in Utah.

Virginia Drilling

  • Summary: 34 videos and 4 photos show Patriot Front members practicing marching and group combat tactics at a rented campsite in Virginia.

Virginia October Action Reports

  • Summary: 17 videos show Patriot Front members putting up posters, doing banner drops, and LED traffic sign alteration. This content was also shared in previous folders.

WA Burien Banner October 30th

  • Summary: Documentation of a Patriot Front banner drop with videos, video stills, and photos. This content was also shared in previous folders.

WA Federal Way Banner October 30th

  • Summary: Documentation of a Patriot Front banner drop with videos, video stills, and photos. This content was also shared in previous folders.

WA Kent Banner October 30th

  • Summary: Documentation of a Patriot Front banner drop with videos, video stills, and photos.

WA Seattle Aurora Ave Banner October 30th

  • Summary: Documentation of a Patriot Front banner drop with videos, video stills, and photos.

WA Seattle I-90 Banner October 30th

  • Summary: Documentation of a Patriot Front banner drop with videos, video stills, and photos.

WA Thorp Banner 2021.10.24

  • Summary: Patriot Front members hang an ‘America First’ banner from an overpass.
A Patriot Front member seen in leaked video hanging a banner from an overpass in Thorp, WA on October 24, 2021.


  • Summary: 8 photos and 9 videos dated October 9, 2021 show 2 Patriot Front members spray painting the group’s official stencil designs in a train yard.
Patriot Front members spray paint the neo-nazi group’s official stencil designs at a train yard in Waco, TX in media files dated October 9, 2021.

WV Hike

Summary: 17 photos and 4 videos dated November 7, 2021 show 4 masked Patriot Front members hiking through a park in West Virginia and posting with flags.