Land, Housing & Gentrification Coverage

Crisis of the Unhoused – Unicorn Riot Coverage

Since Unicorn Riot’s inception, we’ve been documenting how local governments and police forces across the U.S. have worked to criminalize the unhoused and perform violent eviction sweeps of encampments. (Our coverage has mostly focused on Denver and Minneapolis.) On this landing page, you can find dozens of published UR stories from both cities and beyond, detailing the growing crisis of the unhoused. To enter, click on the image or here.

Gentrification is a Global Phenomenon – Unicorn Riot Coverage

This landing page features Unicorn Riot coverage that examines how gentrification affects cities in different parts of the world, specifically Athens, London, Philadelphia and Minneapolis. We evaluate some of the aftereffects, transformations and consequences that the phenomenon has had on gentrified areas and communities. To enter, click on the image or here.

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