🦄 Police
image: the hill of protesters reacts positively to the notion of defunding & disbanding the Minneapolis police department. In the foreground one person's left hand is upraised with their fingers outstretched and their palm towards the stage.

Nine Council Members Vow to Disband Minneapolis Police

Minneapolis, MN – In an historic meeting on June 7, 2020, local elected officials promised to dismantle the scandal-ridden Minneapolis Police Department (MPD).
Time will tell whether this promise will actually be implemented, or if it was simply convenient political posturing during a popular uprising.…

🦄 Protest & Direct Action

17 Arrested Blockading Light Rail Before Super Bowl LII

Minneapolis, MN – Mere hours before the Super Bowl LII kickoff, activists used lockboxes and U-locks to blockade a light rail station just blocks away from the Super Bowl venue, US Bank Stadium. The blockade opened space for Black folks to deliver demands, explain what…