🦄 Borders & Migration, Global

Go Game [Film]

Since the beginning of time people have left their countries in hopes of reaching safety and stability. They flee war, poverty, religious persecution, discrimination, lack of opportunity. In the modern era, an unknown number of individuals and families leave Africa, the Middle East and Asia…

🦄 Police

Park Board Pays $170K to Somali Youth Detained After Bogus 911 Call

Minneapolis, MN – A settlement of $170,000 has been reached between the Minneapolis Park Board and four Somali teens who were wrongfully detained at gunpoint in a Minneapolis park in 2018.
The teens were stopped in Minnehaha Park in south Minneapolis, detained, and later released…

🦄 Community, LGBTQ+

Trans Woman Denied Access to VA Hospitals

Lucrecia Luciana Belmont served in the US Army for a little over five years from 2003-2008. It was before she was discharged that she began exploring her gender in 2007. She started experimenting off-duty with wearing women’s clothing. “Nobody knew, but I was more comfortable…

🦄 Racism & Far-Right

Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended Due to Islamophobia

The recent suspension of Charee Stanley for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers in accordance with her religious beliefs has drawn comparisons with the case of Kim Davis.

According to recent media outpourings, both Kim Davis, the county clerk suspended for refusing marriage licenses to…