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Supporters of ‘Cop City’ Opponents Rally in Philly

Philadelphia, PA – Protests around the U.S. have increased recently against the proposed Public Safety Training Center near Atlanta. At the Philadelphia City Hall on around noon on Friday, Feb. 24, opponents held a rally.

Full livestream of the protest on Feb. 24, 2023.


🦄 Protest & Direct Action

Protesters Swarm DC, Demand End to Climate Inaction

Washington, DC – The morning of Monday, September 23, traffic across DC was brought to a standstill as roving groups of protesters blocked dozens of intersections. The decentralized, swarm-style direct action was called by the coalition ‘Shut Down DC‘, and sought to force political elites…

🦄 Protest & Direct Action

Direct Actions Disrupt DC to Demand Climate Action

Washington, DC – Decentralized climate protest actions plan to “block key infrastructure to stop business-as-usual” in the US capitol today to demand politicians take action to address climate change.

Groups that announced plans to carry out disruptions and protests across DC include Black Lives Matter…