Supporters of ‘Cop City’ Opponents Rally in Philly

Philadelphia, PA – Protests around the U.S. have increased recently against the proposed Public Safety Training Center near Atlanta. At the Philadelphia City Hall on around noon on Friday, Feb. 24, opponents held a rally.

Full livestream of the protest on Feb. 24, 2023.

The #StopCopCity movement aims to have funders and contractors withdraw from the project in order to prevent the proposed site from demolishing the largest urban forest in the USA. Pending court cases claim that the Atlanta Police Foundation has ignored local laws and environmental regulations in order to rush construction of the complex against the concerns of nearby residents.

Groups calling for the rally included Extinction Rebellion Philly, and Fridays for Future Philadelphia. According to a flyer the call is to “support land defenders in Atlanta, resist police brutality & militarization, protect the right to protest.”

After rallying at City Hall, the protest coalition stopped outside the offices of AXA, an insurance corporation targeted for providing liability coverage to Brasfield Gorrie, a general contractor hired by the Atlanta Police Foundation to help demolish the Atlanta Forest to build the contested urban warfare training complex.

Protesters attempted to deliver a letter to AXA but were reportedly denied the opportunity to hand-deliver it to executives inside the office suite. AXA has not responded to Unicorn Riot’s request for comment regarding today’s protest as of the time of this writing.

Unicorn Riot's coverage on the movement to defend the Atlanta Forest:

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