greek parliament

  • Passing the Point of No Return: Interview with Rouvikonas Anarchist Collective

    December 24, 2019
    Athens, Greece – Since 2013, the Rouvikonas Anarchist Collective has been striking back at abusive government power, economic exploitation, and organizing against state repression. Headquartered in a squat in Athens, the capital city of Greece, this elusive anarchist group is known for its swift, high-profile,…...
  • OmniaTV, Grassroots Independent Media in Greece

    August 14, 2019
    Athens, Greece – Operating voluntarily and organized horizontally, the grassroots independent media collective OmniaTV, has functioned out of necessity since 2011. Striving to bring out truths misrepresented in Greek media and covering under-reported stories, OmniaTV stands out as a viable alternative non-profit media source as…...