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Minneapolis Community Resists Encampment Eviction

Minneapolis, MN – After swelling to serve several dozen residents swept from other encampments, the lot on 29th Street and 14th Avenue continues to be controlled by unhoused residents despite the ongoing threat of eviction. On July 8, dozens of community members rallied at the…

🦄 Land & Housing, Police

Southside Minneapolis Encampment Faces Eviction Threat

Minneapolis, MN – Another encampment of unhoused people living in tents is threatened by the City of Minneapolis for eviction. For almost two months now, an empty lot on 29th Street and 14th Avenue in South Minneapolis has had a growing number of people residing…

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Denver Refuses to Negotiate, Sweeps Indigenous Encampment

Denver, CO – Under the hardline stance of Mayor Michael Hancock, Denver continues to sweep unhoused encampments—more than 80 this year alone—ignoring countless requests from unhoused residents and their advocates to stop, and refusing to negotiate any alternatives. Outside the Four Winds American Indian Council…

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Denver Sweeps 300+ Tent Encampment Residents

Denver, CO – The largest tent encampment in the city, which sprung up in October 2019, is being cleared early Monday morning as about 60 advocates protest the move.

Unicorn Riot is on-the-ground covering the sweep, with live coverage starting at 5AM.

Residents at the…