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Camp Nenookaasi, a Beacon of Hope to the Unhoused, Faces Eviction

Camp Nenookaasi is throwing the subject of Minneapolis’ encampment policies into the spotlight again as it faces eviction on December 19. The camp’s supporters are waging the latest skirmish in a longer fight between the city’s prohibition of encampments and those who claim that allowing encampments to remain intact is the most humane approach to the issue, as well as a crucial first step toward getting people into stable housing and recovery programs. 

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Activists Fight Against Criminalization of Homelessness in New Haven

New Haven, CT – New Haven’s Amistad Catholic Worker is a place of refuge for New Haven’s homeless population. Its director, Mark Colville, is also a local celebrity: spearheading campaigns targeting the city’s criminalization of homelessness, clearing of encampments, and hostility toward public services on…

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Over 100 Families Occupy Abandoned Apartment Complex in Brazil

In the Brazilian state of Paraná more than 100 families have taken over a set of abandoned buildings. Squatting the Residencial Golden Ville, located at 1850 Avenida Independência in Paiçandu, one of the Bolsonarist strongholds in the country, families are seeking to secure their housing…

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Families in Gaza Live Among the Dead

Gaza Strip, Palestine – A growing number of families in the densely populated and besieged Gaza Strip are living in squatted sections of cemeteries due to the lack of housing.

One of the many families staying in the Sheikh Saban cemetery, the oldest in Gaza,…

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Clearing the Way for a Whiter, Wealthier Tax Base in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN – As the Twin Cities metro area becomes more diverse, the city of Minneapolis trails behind the regions growth in diversity, with a population trending disproportionately whiter, wealthier, and, consequently more conservative in the past decade. This article demonstrates the intentionality behind this…