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Scarsella Trial – Part Four: Shooting Victims Testify

Minneapolis, MN – White supremacist Allen ‘Lance’ Scarsella shot five unarmed Black protesters in North Minneapolis on November 23, 2015. Protests for Jamar Clark, who was executed by the Minneapolis Police on November 15, led to an outdoor occupation of the 4th Precinct police station,…

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Scarsella Trial – Part Three: Jury Sees Videos Around Mass Shooting

Minneapolis, MN – In November of 2015, gun enthusiast and racist 4channer Allen ‘Lance’ Scarsella physically trolled Jamar Clark protests with a firearm two times in four days. During his second visit he brought three friends with him, they got into an altercation and Allen…

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Scarsella Trial – Part Two: “In hindsight it was very stupid”

Minneapolis, MN – Allen ‘Lance’ Scarsella, an avowed racist, white supremacist, white nationalist and firearms enthusiast, shot five people in North Minneapolis on November 23, 2015. That night, Scarsella and a group of like-minded friends had gone to the ongoing Jamar Clark protest to “poke…

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Jamar Clark Remembered a Year Later with Balloons & Fireworks

Minneapolis, MN – A large group of community members gathered in North Minneapolis at the site of Jamar Clark’s murder for a candlelight vigil. The vigil lasted two hours and featured speeches, sparklers, fireworks, balloons, and food.
Unicorn Riot was live during the proceedings of…

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Bail Motion Denied for White Supremacist 4th Precinct Shooter

Minneapolis, MN – On Wednesday, July 6th, 2016, Allen “Lance” Scarsella appeared in court for a bail hearing for shooting 5 unarmed Black men at a protest against the police’s execution of Jamar Clark in November of 2015. The motion to reduce his bail was…

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Mayor Betsy Hodges Speech at U of M Campus Disrupted

Minneapolis, MN – On Thursday, May 19th, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges speech at the U of M campus was disrupted by members of the Black Liberation Project (BLP). The speaking event was titled “The Opportunity City: Progress Report for Improving Equity in Minneapolis”.
Here is…