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Minneapolis Teachers Union, Cops Battle Over Student Recruitment

Minneapolis, MN – A Minneapolis Public Schools teacher talked to Unicorn Riot about the Minneapolis Police Department’s (MPD) newly created PEACE Recruitment Program and the teachers union’s recent decision to oppose it.

“The police are desperate now and they’re coming for our kids.”
Minneapolis Public…

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Minneapolis Teacher Strike Tentative Contract Voting Results Due Sunday Night

Minneapolis, MN – Despite premature messaging by the Minneapolis Public School district (MPS) that the Minneapolis teacher strike had “ended,” the strike isn’t over until the union takes a vote. The results of this weekend’s vote by the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59 will…

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District Strike Messaging Draws Ire of Parents, Students, Educators

Minneapolis, MN – Messaging by the Minneapolis Public School district (MPS) during the teachers strike has drawn the ire of parents, students, and union members alike.

After students occupying the district’s headquarters said they were “tired” of MPS using the media to say negative things…

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Youth March Demands ‘Cops Out of Schools’ on Super Bowl Eve

Minneapolis, MN – On the day before Super Bowl LII, youth organized and led a march to the home of the chair of the local school board with a series of demands, including an end to employing police inside of Minneapolis Public Schools. Unicorn Riot…