Denver to Oakland to Minneapolis! Protest at Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center

DENVER, CO, Nov 17, 2015 — UnicornRiot just recorded a live feed from a protest at Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center. (490 W Colfax Ave). Law enforcement shoved the protesters out the door pretty quickly.

From the Facebook event description, hosted by the Denver Community Defense Committee: “Over the last week Denver has seen yet another Black man fell prey to the murderous hands of Denver Sheriffs. Today Michael Marshall is still in critical condition, battling for his life, while those who attempted to end his life continue on their lives without consequence.

With police murdering folks in Minneapolis and Oakland this weekend and a staggering 1,000+ people who’s lives were stolen by cops across this country in 2015 we ask that you stand in solidarity against this violence and terror. More than ever the cry from Marvin Booker rallies over six years ago rings true “ALL COPS ARE MURDERERS.” Turn out and turn up for #MichaelMarshall #JamarClark #PaulCastaway #RyanRonquillo #JessicaHernandez #JosephValverde #MarvinBooker #AlonzoAshley #SharodKindell and far too many more than should have ever become a hashtag.”

Facebook event: report.

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