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Philando Castile Remembered Six Years After Being Killed by Police

St. Paul, MN – Standing in front of the Minnesota Governor’s Residence Valerie Castile recounted how former St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez killed her son Philando during a traffic stop six years ago on July 6, 2016, “Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Five times…

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The Mothers Podcast Episode 9

During episode nine of The Mothers Podcast we hear from Lisa Simpson whose 18-year-old son, Richard Risher, was killed in 2016 by Los Angeles Police Officer Francisco Zaragoza in the Nickerson Gardens Housing Development. Police fired over 70 shots at Risher, 35 hitting his body.


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Families of Victims Killed by Cops Speak Out About Ongoing Harassment Across Agencies: A Chronicle of Police Retaliation in the Twin Cities

Grieving families of loved ones murdered by Twin Cities police share the incessant “psychological terrorism” they’ve experienced at the hands of on and off duty officers in various departments across the metro, and want their stories to be made public. 

Findings in the recent report…

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Two Years After George Floyd

Minneapolis, MN – Two years ago today, Minneapolis Police killed George Floyd, a 46-year-old father of five, over a suspected counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. Community-recorded video of his killing went viral and culminated into what was a historic uprising that saw the besiegement of the Minneapolis…

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MPD Political Extremism Powerpoint Spotlights Antifa and Boogaloo

Minneapolis, MN – Unicorn Riot has obtained documents used to train Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) staff on political extremism. The training presentation is entitled “Political Extremists / Anarchists, a brief summary of groups that border the line between protest and domestic terrorism.” The MPD documents…