🦄 Racism

Denver’s Pro-Trump Rally Immobilized by Anti-Trump Radicals

Denver, CO – Saturday March 25 Pro-Trump supporters under the Facebook group “Make America Great Again” called for a Colorado MAGA March at the state capitol in Denver.  Anti-fascist/anti-racist group, The People’s Protection League, organized a counter demonstration.  “The People They Hate Make America Great” …

🦄 Direct Action

Jamar Clark Remembered a Year Later with Balloons & Fireworks

Minneapolis, MN – A large group of community members gathered in North Minneapolis at the site of Jamar Clark’s murder for a candlelight vigil. The vigil lasted two hours and featured speeches, sparklers, fireworks, balloons, and food.
Unicorn Riot was live during the proceedings of…

🦄 Community, Direct Action

Denver Shuts Down I-25 in “Unite for Better Than Trump” Rally

Denver, CO – On Thursday evening, along with many cities across the United States, including Minneapolis (with simultaneous live Unicorn Riot broadcasts), Los Angeles, and Portland protesters came together to rally against President-elect Donald Trump. An event was called to meet at the Colorado State…