Deprogram: Episode 27

Ep. 27: #Scumoween #BlackLivesMatter #Austin #LarryJackson #StLouis #KajiemePowell #StopTheCops #FundBlackFutures #TurkeyVotes #TurkeyElections #Australia #AsylumSeekers #EvrosFence #OpenEUborders #RefugeesGr #Sweden #Malmö #Colectiv #Romania #KeystoneXL #DumpDominion #ClimateGames #COP21 #FreeJessieB #StopEnbridge #BareBones

Because of technical difficulties the show was split into segments:

For the first “Deprogram” episode in November, the rundown starts in London during a Halloween rave dubbed #Scumoween, where police in riot gear clash with party-goers as they shut down the ‘illegal’ rave. Speaking of cops, in America, this last week we saw two high profile judicial exoneration’s of police, the killers of Kajieme Powell, who was killed last August in St. Louis, and unarmed Larry Jackson in Austin, Texas, who’s killer received immunity from the judge. Staying on the issue of cops in the United States, 66 people were arrested on October 24th as five direct actions happened simultaneously in Chicago, titled #StopTheCops and #FundBlackFutures, the actions protested the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference.

In other news, the Turkish elections were a big win for the ruling AKP party, but international observers cry foul, media institutions critical of the government were seized, and Erdogan pushes for more powers. The situation in Palestine continues to get more desperate; activists are being arrested for facebook posts, stone throwers are now likely to get a ‘minimum sentence’ of 3 years in prison, and many recent videos have shown Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians, while radio stations reporting on the violence and killings have been cracked down upon by the Israeli forces. Australian officials have been caught paying off human smugglers to return asylum seekers to keep them out of Australia.

Anarchists in Greece gathered in solidarity with refugees to oppose #Evrosfence and faced off with riot police. The Swedish police evicted a Roma camp in Malmö leaving around 100 homeless, some of the Roma come from Romania, where the Prime Minister resigned after mass protests following a fire in Colectiv nightclub that killed dozens.

TransCanada seeks to delay the ruling of KeystoneXL until a new administration, the White House says “they wont yield” to the delay. On  Monday, November 2nd, four were arrested during Monday Night Football, protesters from ‘We Are Cove Point rappelled from the upper deck of the Carolina Panthers football stadium with a banner protesting Bank of America’s financing of fracked gas exports. To end the rundown, we go to Paris, where climate activists have created the ‘climate games’, which feature different teams and direct actions to protest the COP21 in December, and in somewhat of a direct response, the French government has enacted Schengen Border controls, which will effectively close its borders to activists, journalists, and others for one month starting November 13. After the rundown, played Rising Appalachia’s music video ‘Medicine’ and to close Episode 27, we have an interview where we will talk to Beth from the Free Jessica B Support Team about the situation that Jessica Burlew is in.

Deprogram is a live show hosted by Lorenzo and Niko that attempts to examine the roots of the struggles that preside throughout different communities. Deprogram airs live every Wednesday night at 9pmEST.