Enbridge Office Flooded With Protesters During Direct Action Against Tar Sands Pipelines; Seven Arrested

Duluth, MN – Nov. 2, 2015. A rally in Duluth agitated against pipeline construction and demanded full Tribal consultation regarding these dangerous projects. Many groups are rallying to resist the construction of more dirty pipelines across northern Minnesota and beyond. UnicornRiot.ninja had reporters onsite and will continue to post updates. LIVE video feed was here, tune in.

Protestors march to Enbridge offices in Duluth, MN to deliver a letter which outlines tribal concerns regarding their plans for new pipelines, Protestors use skyway to enter Enbridge Offices.

1:30PM[CST]: The protest has taken over the Enbridge corporate lobby and a drum circle has started.

The group was asked to leave Enbridge offices.

Unicorn Riot was asked to leave Enbridge Offices.

2:30PM: Seven people who chose to stay behind after being asked to leave were arrested. HonorTheEarth has posted a donation link for legal support. MN350 also called out a separate donation link.

After leaving the office, Unicorn Riot reconvenes with the protest group in the lobby.

We follow Korey and Deborah on their side-quest to the reception desk to deliver the letter – the whole reason they came to the office in the first place!

After some discussion with the police, protesters compromised to slipping the letter under the closed Enbridge reception office door. Then we were escorted from the building.

After being asked to leave this office area, Unicorn Riot finds themselves outside and doing interviews.

The action is officially called to a close and it is announced that there is a community space open to serve food and debrief people involved.

We spoke with Reanne and they said

It was beautiful. It was totally exciting, it was a little scary when we first went in there… It was very powerful.

We arrived at the community center.

We spoke with Eric from Young People’s Action Coalition

“I figured if we were at the same Convergence, we should be at the same movement and show real solidarity and come to each other’s actions”

When asked what he thought other people should be doing for the climate movement, Eric responds with

“I’d say find people who are more involved with it than you are and go join them, as soon as you can.”

Another person we spoke with said:

“It was good to see the different kinds of people that came out today. I feel like even though it wasn’t a super big group, there’s a wide variety of people that are trying to put their energy into this. So I hope that there are more things like this in the future.”

enbridge lobby2 enbridge lobby



Protest organizers announced a plan to meet with DFL US Congressman Rick Nolan, who is generally an ardent supporter of fossil fuel and extractive industries. For more tweets search #stopenbridge. Honor the Earth released this video for the rally:

Facebook Event URLs: Stop the Enbridge Pipeline Invasion: Feast, March and Rally. Honor the Earth,MPIRG,MN350,Native Lives Matter/NLMC, Flood The System-RTNA and Honor The Earth-End Enbridge Pipeline Invasion. Tweets:


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