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Young Congolese Political Refugee Beaten to Death in Brazil

Brazilians occupied the streets of at least 12 provincial capitals and several cities in the country on Saturday, February 5, to protest against racism, xenophobia and the brutal death of Moïse Kabagambe. Kabagambe, a 24-year-old political refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was beaten…

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Go Game [Film]

Since the beginning of time people have left their countries in hopes of reaching safety and stability. They flee war, poverty, religious persecution, discrimination, lack of opportunity. In the modern era, an unknown number of individuals and families leave Africa, the Middle East and Asia…

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Life Vest Mural Draws Attention to the Plight of the Refugee

Frankfurt, Germany – A large orange life vest was painted in the center of Frankfurt’s Bockenheim Campus to bring attention to the plight of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Two of the artists from ‘Collective Without A Name’ (DE: Kollektiv ohne namen) spoke with Unicorn…

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Woman has her movement papers checked in Athens, Greece

A Country Quarantined, Coronavirus in Greece Part 1

Athens, Greece – While their regional neighbor Italy is throttled by the coronavirus pandemic, the country of Greece has been enduring strict quarantine measures, resulting in relatively low numbers of infections. Since the shutdown there’ve been nearly 2,500 confirmed COVID–19 cases with 130 deaths.