Police Precinct Occupied after Jamar Clark is ‘Executed’ while Handcuffed

Minneapolis, MN – In the early morning of November 15th, witnesses in North Minneapolis say that 24 year old Jamar Clark was handcuffed on the ground and shot ‘execution’ style by Minneapolis Police. The hashtag #JamesAndPlymouth, in reference to the location of the incident, quickly started trending on social media and a march was planned for 3pm on Sunday, the 15th.

Jamar Clark

Unicorn Riot has been onsite live streaming continuously since the action started on Sunday, where the NAACP and other community members spoke out against police conduct in this incident. No arrests were made on Sunday as the community maintained control of an extended space around the 4th Precinct building: click on the link to watch our LIVE VIDEO. The protest started at the site of Jamar Clark’s murder and a “No Cop Zone” was created by the community with the statements that the community can police itself:

The streets on Plymouth Ave from James Ave. to Penn Ave. were taken by residents, who also marched to the 4th precinct station and began what has been dubbed the #4thPrecinctShutdown, a sit-in at the front vestibule of the precinct with the intent to stay until demands are met:

Jamar’s family and friends joined in with the protest and the raw emotions of grief and anger were palpable. Reports seem to indicate Jamar is critically wounded and possibly brain-dead at Hennepin County Medical Center and it was reported earlier Sunday afternoon his family had been denied access to him by authorities.

Beyond taking space at the vestibule of the 4th precinct, protesters interrupted a community meeting with the Police Chief and Mayor after unsuccessfully trying to speak with the Mayor outside. Upon returning to the front of the 4th precinct, protesters moved to the driveway of the precinct to confront officers that had just pulled their guns out on two protesters walking on the sidewalk, there, a very tense standoff ensued for over an hour. Somewhat of a calming influence was music blasting from a generator fueled bicycle sound sytem, in this diffusing process, a police vehicle was doused with water, water bottles, and half-eaten pieces of pizza that were donated:

An ongoing occupation of the 4th precinct is continuing and Unicorn Riot will continue to cover it.

LIVE Video here: http://livestream.com/unicornriot/events/4512162

A summary of some other facts known in the Jamar Clark case is on Heavy.com.

Below are the Livestreams from Sunday going into Monday morning:




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