Masses of Refugees Arriving in Greece Faced With Abuse – Deprogram Ep. 15

From January 2015 to August 2015, Greece has had over 124,000 migrants/refugees land on their territory. As the migrant crisis continues to be exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan, people leaving those areas are coming up against another brute force, that of the Greek state. Recently Greek police have been documented slapping, hitting, clubbing, and spraying fire extinguishers on migrants. Over 7,000 migrants arrived during the month of July on the island of Kos and they are currently being funneled into a locked stadium without needed amenities like washrooms, running water, and electricity. The mayor of Kos stated that he feared a “bloodbath” if the situation continues to worsen. Update: Greek authorities have sent a cruise liner and more riot police to Kos. 


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