Two More Teens Killed By Police – Deprogram Ep. 15

On Sunday night in Indianapolis, 15 year old Andre Green was driving a car that was targeted by police as being stolen. According to police, they attempted to pull the car over and some passengers fled, they shot Andre as he exited the vehicle. The police said they were in danger from the vehicle moving towards them. Andre is the youngest person killed by police since Tamir Rice last November.

Zachary Hammond, a 19 year old unarmed white male from South Carolina was murdered by police on July 26th. His family is asking for a federal probe into his death. He was seated in his car when the police operated a drug sting and shot him twice in what they report as self-defense as they feared he was going to hit them with his vehicle. Zach’s family has credited #BlackLivesMatter protestors with bringing national attention to his case. At least 197 black people have been killed by police in the U.S. in 2015. 

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