Hundreds Rally Outside Colorado-Based Defense Contractor, Call for Divestment and Accountability

Fort Collins, CO — A recent photograph of an apparent missile fragment from a suspected Israeli bomb found in rubble in Gaza has sparked outrage across the country, in particular Colorado, because the name and logo above its barcode appears to be that of Fort Collins-based Woodward, Inc. In light of the missile’s image, local residents organized a ‘die-in’ demonstration outside of the company’s headquarters on November 10 to show Woodward that the “result of their involvement” has not gone unnoticed.

Robyn Mourning, one of the local organizers, spoke to Unicorn Riot about the demonstration’s demands: “We are demanding immediate divestment, so no more people have to die because of their weapons that they’re contributing.”

“Were U.S. tax dollars involved, spent on that missile that killed children, that killed people trying to seek shelter, aid, food, and water and safety? We did not approve that. As Fort Collins residents, had we known that was happening, we would have said ‘no.'”

Robyn Mourning

During the demonstration, Adam, a local Palestinian American, spoke to the hundreds of attendees about how Israel’s actions against Palestine are “not a war on terrorism,” and instead “a war on toddlers.” It’s been reported that more than 4,000 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel since Oct. 7, with at least 1,755 children missing, likely under the rubble of bombed buildings.

“I want you all to think about the number five. This is the most common age of the people being killed in Gaza.”


Since the escalated violence on October 7, U.S.-based defense contractors’ market values have shot up. According to iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF, since September 29, Boeing’s market value increased by more than $100 million, RTX Corp (formerly Raytheon Technologies Corporation) increased by more than $130 million, Lockheed Martin Corp increased by more than $47 million, General Dynamics Corp increased by more than $38 million, Northrop Grumman Corp increased by more than $23 million, and Woodward Inc. increased by more than $15 million.

U.S.-Based Defense ContractorsMarket Value as of November 14, 2023
RTX Corp$962,362,114.71
Lockheed Martin Corp$427,713,229.02
General Dynamics Corp$274,721,827.50
Northrop Grumman Corp$266,320,913.04
Woodward Inc.$141,296,057.85

In conjunction with the defense contractors having sizable gains, on November 2, the U.S. House of Representatives approved nearly $14.5 billion in military aid to Israel. Meanwhile, a Colorado public school teacher talked to Unicorn Riot during the Fort Collins demonstration about the deficit in funding for public education.

“I can’t stand that we are sending our money over there to kill babies, and as a teacher, I don’t have pencils in my classroom. It is awful.”

Colorado public school teacher

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