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Isak Aden, One Year Later: A Life Stolen by Police

Eagan, MN – Almost a year to the day after Isak Aden was killed by police during a July 2019 standoff, the negotiating officer who spoke with Aden as he was fatally shot aggressively pushed two ‘Justice for Isak’ protesters during a march on Somali…

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1920, 2020; The Years Minnesota Will Never Forget

The world watched Minnesota after the state made headlines for a triple lynching in 1920, though no one was ever charged for the murders of Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson or Isaac McGhie. 100 years later the world is watching again, waiting to see if Minnesota…

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America is Over! banner led mobile dance party

Election Night Mobile Dance Party Blockades Uptown, Police Arrest 14

Minneapolis, MN – Around 50 people marched through Uptown Minneapolis during a mobile dance party on election night, November 3. The crowd played music, shot fireworks, spray-painted political statements onto boarded-up business fronts and erected roving barricades in the streets. After the first loop through…

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Attorney Ben Crump leads a press conference in front of Cadillac Pawn, where Calvin Horton was killed

Pawn Shop Owner Faces No Charges in Killing Man, State Blames Protesters

Minneapolis, MN – Wisconsinite John Rieple shot and killed Calvin Horton Jr. in Minneapolis on May 27, during the second night of the uprising. Horton was protesting the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, walking down Lake Street. When his section of the march…