Palestine Coverage – 2023 (Pre-October 7) Publications from the Gaza Strip and the Occupied West Bank

For years, Unicorn Riot has delivered crucial reporting on the struggle in Palestine. From the frontlines in Gaza and the occupied West Bank to actions around the globe protesting against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. On this page you can find Unicorn Riot media from Palestine published from the period of January 2023 to August 2023. See the latest stories on our main landing page here.

Stories on this page from 2023 (pre-Oct. 7) are embedded newest to oldest and separated between the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank. View the links in the Table of Contents below for quick access to all Palestine related coverage and pages.

Gaza Strip – August 2023 to January 2023

Repurposed Rubber: Tire Recycling in the Gaza Strip – Aug. 25, 2023

Bombed Houses in Gaza Transformed by Palestinian Calligraphy Artist – Aug. 14, 2023

Gazans Flock to Beaches Amid Record Breaking Heatwave – Aug. 4, 2023

Israeli Operation in Gaza Destroyed 243 Homes, Killing 34 Palestinians – June 30, 2023

Christian Gives Water, Dates to Fasting Muslims in Gaza During Ramadan – April 19, 2023

‘Colorful Neighborhood’ in Gaza Celebrates Ramadan with Vibrant Colors – April 16, 2023

Families in Gaza Live Among the Dead – February 10, 2023

Ancient Antiquities Discovered in Palestine’s Gaza Strip – January 23, 2023

Surfing Santas in Gaza Welcome a New Year of ‘Prosperity and Happiness’ – January 4, 2023

Occupied West Bank – July 2023 to January 2023

17 Palestinians Killed During Massive Israeli Raids on Jenin – July 7, 2023

Israel Blows Up Home of Palestinian Prisoner’s Family – June 13, 2023

Palestinian Khader Adnan Dies on Hunger Strike in Israeli Prison – May 27, 2023

Administrative Detention and ‘Medical Neglect’ in Israeli Prisons Lead to Deaths and Protests – March 29, 2023

Israeli Forces Kill 11 Palestinians and Shoot Over 100 During Raid on Nablus – March 2, 2023

Elderly Woman Among at Least 9 Palestinians Killed During Raid on Jenin – January 26, 2023

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View the links in the Table of Contents below for quick access to all Palestine related coverage and pages.

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