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Go Game [Film]

Since the beginning of time people have left their countries in hopes of reaching safety and stability. They flee war, poverty, religious persecution, discrimination, lack of opportunity. In the modern era, an unknown number of individuals and families leave Africa, the Middle East and Asia…

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Canada’s Navy Reinstates Sailor Exposed for Neo-Nazi Ties

Calgary, Alberta – An internal video message sent to sailors in the Royal Canadian Navy announced that the Navy has opted to keep on, rather than expel, a sailor who was exposed last year as a prolific user on neo-nazi forum site Iron March.

🦄 Racism

Canadian Navy Sailor Advertised Arms Deals on Neo-Nazi Forum

Alberta, Canada – A Serbian man who claimed online to be an arms dealer with connections to racist terror groups in the USA has been outed as a sailor in the Canadian Navy.
Earlier this month, a copy of a web server for the defunct…