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Bomb Explodes at Hamburg Transit Station, Neo-Nazi Arrested

Hamburg, Germany – At the S-Bahn Station, a bag packed with nails, screws, and pyrotechnics were placed on the train platform on Sunday evening, December 17th. According to witnesses, the bomb explosion sent shrapnel flying through the air, breaking several windows.
Police initially reported that…

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Greece: Alternatives to Neoliberal Capitalism – Introduction

Athens, Greece – Aggressive neoliberal policies have created a vicious cycle of austerity in Greece for the last seven years. Greeks today experience a lack of dignity, with pension and salary cuts, while they are often unable to gain access to employment, housing, education, health…

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Pipeline Politics in the Syrian Civil War

Oil politics in the Syrian civil war is a complex web of money deception and proxy war. What began as non-violent grassroots rebellion against Bashar al Assad and the Syrian state has morphed into a complex proxy war involving countless factions and alliances competing for…