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Unrest in Philly After Cops Shoot and Kill 27-Year-Old

Philadelphia, PA – West Philly saw a quickly escalating situation develop on 4 p.m. Monday afternoon and dragging into the evening and overnight. In a graphic and disturbing video circulating on social media, two white Philadelphia Police (PPD) officers are seen repeatedly shooting a Black…

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Philly Police Harass Jewish Cops: Lawsuit

Philadelphia, PA – A new federal lawsuit alleges that a culture of anti-Semitic and racist harassment has been allowed to thrive at the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD).
Court filings submitted on behalf of two Jewish officers claim that the police department and the City of…

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Records Release: Denver Police Twitter Block List

Denver, CO – After filing a request under the Colorado Open Records Act, Unicorn Riot has received a list of all twitter accounts that have been blocked by the official @DenverPolice twitter handle.
According to Mary Dulacki, records custodian for Denver’s Department of Safety, no…