🦄 Tech

Blockchain: Revolution or Business as Usual?

The term “blockchain” describes a type of internet-based decentralized ledger system which can be used to record transactions and store data in a manner potentially more secure than one might find in a centralized database system. Blockchains are managed using peer-to-peer (p2p)…

🦄 Protest & Direct Action

G20 Hamburg – Police State Descends on Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany – Unicorn Riot journalists spent their first day in the streets of Hamburg trying to get oriented to the city and the #G20 Summit, a top-level international forum for the politicians and central bank governors from the 20 major world economies. July 4th,…

🦄 Protest & Direct Action

#NoG20 Protests: Live Updates from Germany

Hamburg, Germany – #NoG20 protesters are gathering to address the global exploitation of resources, wars and violence of the capitalist system, and make their criticism and voices heard. The G20 Summit is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from the 20…