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Patriotwave’s Boogaloo: Engineering an Aesthetic of Violence

CONTENT ADVISORY: Bigotry, violence, sexual assault

Whether Proud Boys in their Fred Perry uniforms ‘standing back and standing by,’ or white men in polo shirts and khakis holding torches, modern white supremacy violence has a specific look and feel to it. The latest trend in…

🦄 Racism & Far-Right

Bringing Poor People Back to the Forefront on MLK Day

Denver, CO – On January 20, 1986, the first nationwide celebrations took place in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, nearly 20 years after his assassination at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. This year on the 35th annual celebration of Dr. King, the…

🦄 Racism & Far-Right

Neo-Nazi Convicted of Murder in Charlottesville Auto Attack

Charlottesville, VA – On Friday, December 7, 2018 in Charlottesville Circuit Court, jurors in Virginia found James Alex Fields guilty on all counts at the trial stemming from his arrest after the Unite The Right rally on August 12, 2017. After a white supremacist rally…