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Camp Nenookaasi, a Beacon of Hope to the Unhoused, Faces Eviction

Camp Nenookaasi is throwing the subject of Minneapolis’ encampment policies into the spotlight again as it faces eviction on December 19. The camp’s supporters are waging the latest skirmish in a longer fight between the city’s prohibition of encampments and those who claim that allowing encampments to remain intact is the most humane approach to the issue, as well as a crucial first step toward getting people into stable housing and recovery programs. 

🦄 Community, LGBTQ+

Trans Woman Denied Access to VA Hospitals

Lucrecia Luciana Belmont served in the US Army for a little over five years from 2003-2008. It was before she was discharged that she began exploring her gender in 2007. She started experimenting off-duty with wearing women’s clothing. “Nobody knew, but I was more comfortable…