#FreemanFridays – New Witness Statement Released

Minneapolis, MN – An unreleased video statement from a witness of Jamar Clark‘s murder was played for Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman’s colleagues today.

Community members and organizers from Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar came together on Friday, February 26th, at the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis for the third consecutive week of #FreemanFridays.

Unicorn Riot was there to cover the event live.

Organizers spoke to assistants within Mike Freeman’s office as he was out of the office once again with an injury. The focus was once again on the demand for no grand jury and the prosecution of the police officers, Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze, who murdered Jamar Clark ‘execution style‘.

“The next thing you know a gunshot went off.” – Witness Dennis Cherry

A previously un-released videotaped witness statement by Dennis Cherry addressed to Mike Freeman was played to those representing Mike Freeman’s County Attorney office.

Witness Dennis Cherry states that he was “frightened” when the “gunshot went off” after watching police jostling Jamar to the ground, with one officer on his back. He spoke of the police’s reactions of shock at their own actions:

“It shocked the officer that was sitting on him [Jamar Clark] because he jumped up so fast, in disbelief of what just happened. He started talking to the other officer and they started looking down at the man on the ground.” – Witness Dennis Cherry

Dennis wound down his statement by imploring Freeman to not use the grand jury process in the Jamar Clark case, stating, “since the year 2000, not a single officer who has killed someone has ever been indicted in the state of Minnesota.”

He finished his statement by stating:

“If you push for a grand jury, Mike Freeman, Jamar Clark’s blood is on your hands.” – Witness Dennis Cherry

Unicorn Riot’s documented interviews of witnesses of Jamar Clark’s murder have proved to be mostly identical.

Here are witness statements filmed from November 16, 2015, the day after Jamar Clark’s murder during a direct action shutting down I-94 in North Minneapolis:

As the demonstrators made their way out of the County Attorney’s office on the 20th floor, we spoke with Mike Freeman’s communication director Chuck Laszewski, about the Jamar Clark case going through the grand jury process, as well as its investigation going back to the BCA:

As we exited the County Attorney’s office we spoke with organizer Mel Reeves about the ongoing protests. Jayanthi Kyle can be heard in the background singing her anthem songs:

Here are the Livestream videos of the third #FreemanFridays event that included a few great speeches, Jamar Clark’s father, the witness statement, and a mini-march through the skyway:

We will continue to cover the #FreemanFridays protests and report any happenings around the Jamar Clark case.

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