Hennepin County Attorney Says Jamar Clark Case Set for Grand Jury

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, February 23rd, County Attorney Mike Freeman has stated “a number of things were not completed and they were sent back to get done”, expanding the BCA’s investigation in Jamar Clark’s case. Freeman also stated that “new things have to be investigated” in the case. He didn’t elaborate on his intentions for a grand jury.

Minneapolis, MN –  “As of today the process is that it will go to a grand jury.”  This was said regarding the fate of the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the execution-style murder of Jamar Clark, on Friday, February 19th by Lolita Ulloa, managing attorney at the Hennepin County Attorney’s office. Lolita spoke to a crowd of over 50 community members and activists gathered to demand #Justice4Jamar.

The Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar Clark hosted its second of many scheduled #FreemanFridays, events aimed at demanding there be no grand jury in the Jamar Clark case, and that there be prosecution of the police officers directly responsible for Jamar’s death, Mark Ringgenberg and Justin Schwarze. The action was located at the Hennepin County Government Center and featured a rally, a discussion with county attorneys in Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman’s office, and a brief skyway march.

During the discussion in Mike Freeman’s office, attorney Lolita stated that the grand jury would be used in the case of Jamar Clark. The crowd reacted with boos and by asking how many police officers had been indicted from grand juries, a question to which Mike’s assistant stated “None, at least in Minnesota that I know of.”

Unicorn Riot was there to Livestream this event.

We also spoke with Wes, who was a victim of the shooting by white supremacists:

Watch snippets of interviews with activists Thandisizwe and Goddess below:

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