Friends of Victims of Police Murder Confront Denver Mayor

Denver, CO – Thursday night, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock spoke at a “Diversity and Leadership Summit” held by Regis University. He specifically mentioned the need to have “uncomfortable conversations” about racism in America. An uncomfortable conversation soon took place as the Mayor’s speech was interrupted by friends of Paul Castaway and Alonzo Ashley, both of whom were killed by the Denver Police Department.

Unicorn Riot was there to livestream the event:

Mayor Hancock focused a great portion of his speech on the implicit racial biases that are prominent throughout the countries’ fabric and institutions. He talked about leadership and his duties as Mayor and oath to represent all people saying, “when people need to be held accountable it also means that we hold them accountable.”

Community in attendance began to voice their minds about the lack of accountability by police and demand answers from the Mayor about Denver’s police brutality crisis.

“Over and over again we’re being told that you’re going to fix it, what’s being done to fix it.”

“We have not seen accountability in this city!” “You’re not hearing the community, you’re not listening to us.”


“We’re tired of our family and our friends getting slaughtered by these racist police forces. You say there’s embedded bias, we see that. It’s my community being killed. I know there’s embedded bias!”

The individuals confronting the mayor were asked to leave by an aggressive security team who then followed them off campus. Mayor Hancock continued the Q & A portion of his talk without further incident.